I Have No Friends in Real Life

How does your anxiety hinder your days and hamper your life?

Bipolar Barb

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It’s true. I have many online friends on Facebook, Instagram, and WordPress, and that includes some of the people I’ve met in real life, people from my past. I rarely–if ever–see any of the “real life” friends in person. It’s largely my fault because of the damn anxiety. I may not be depressed right now, but my anxiety is worse than ever.

I’m afraid to leave my house alone, but I’m okay if I’m with my husband. I no longer drive because I’m afraid of panicking while driving. It’s happened before, and it was not fun. I’m afraid to take public transportation because what if I get lost? What if I miss my stop? These last 2 fears mean that my husband has to drive me everywhere I want or need to go.

I don’t walk anywhere in the neighborhood because I’m afraid of…

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