Doodlepip’s Early Am Music Favourites.


Doodlepip’s Early Am Music Favourites.

Hey again everyone,

Well l promised you some of my favourite music – this is the sort of taste l have when l am sitting here late at night on the occasions l have the kompootah all to myself, put on the headphones because well l probably wouldn’t wake dad, he sleeps like a hibernating bear, but mummy is a very light sleeper – and at times she just gets so annoyed if l wake her up too early ….

I share a lot of dad’s tastes, not all but a lot, but l like to listen to just as an ekklektic range as he does!

I might make this a feature for every now and again if other k9’s, felines and petz like it and we could make it a ‘thing’ you know like you tell me what you might like in way of a dedication? what do you think? If you think it’s a good idea for say once a week or every couple of weeks – then paw me or claw me below in the comments section with songs or tracks you’d like to hear. I reckon five tracks is a good starter point …..

When mummy and dad go out, they leave music on, dad chooses great stuff like trance or rave, but mummy, oh my!! this is something mummy thinks is good . like how??? Arrrh yukk!

My choices are different ….

Anyway, here we go, you can never go wrong with a bit of Meatloaf!

Status Quo!

I mean who doesn’t like Queen? I paw stomp up and down the hallway when mummy and dad are out!

Yer!! Dad leaves this on for me when they go out!!

They say – are you ready? That this type of music causes agitation with K9’s? NOT Me!! Bring it on!!


So there we go all, let me know your favourites below!


5 thoughts on “Doodlepip’s Early Am Music Favourites.

  1. I am just reading this now but the funny thing is on Friday night I looked up Two outta Three by Meatloaf and listened to it a few times. Doodlepip has some very good taste.

    1. Yes, she is quite the musical pooch.

      When we moved here and we were decorating , the people who were helping us decorate had brought their own music and there was a lot of queen, meatloaf, status quo, AC/DC and we found her parked right beside the cd player, when it moved she moved next to it again. if something came on she didn’t like she got up and moved away again, like classical, she doesn’t like that so much or soft piddly music they promote for dogs. she likes my trance, rave and house though – she is a real musical k9 and knows what she likes and what she doesn’t 🙂

  2. Oh doodlepup this is fab! I love me some music! My fave is pink! And lady gaga and my faves by them are pinks new song, walk me home in the dead of night, think that’s what its called, and I like bad romance by lady gaga, and born this way, and oh beyonce, I like halo and my mom likes girls run the world! I love when mom leaves music on when she’s out she always leaves a radio on for me so I know all the latest songs, love, nitro!

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