The Easter Penata Hunt! 2019 – Watch out for these Pens! Last Week.



I have made this last week super easy for you, so how is everyone doing so far? Have you spotted these pens in posts this week?

Starts Again Today Monday 22th April 2019

The Easter Penata! 2019

A bit of simple pre-Easter fun!

Below you see five pens, these are Snifty scented pens!

We have five scents, and they are as follows!


Vanilla Cupcake




Chocolate Chip Cookie




Tropical Fruit Punch

From April 9th to April 30th , l shall be giving four ‘Five Scented Pen Sets away to the lucky winners.

How do you get a full five set of these fantastic pens you ask?

Easy these pens will appear in posts – but they will not look like the size they are above, but this size below.



To win a full five pen set, readers must look out for the five pens – not just any five pens, but posts only that hold one colour pen each – so you are looking for five posts that make up one five set.

These are remarkable pens, not only do they write, but they smell absolutely delicious and the scent itself lasts for longer than the ink does!

To enter all you need do is keep a note of the posts that hold the five indivdual pens, so that is five postal links required. At the end of each week, l shall ask the readerships for the five links and supply you all with an email to mail the links to.

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16 thoughts on “The Easter Penata Hunt! 2019 – Watch out for these Pens! Last Week.

  1. I didn’t know there was a coffee one😮 I’m lucky enough to own the other four, but I must complete the collection.
    I may have to wait for a different contest though. I am excited to know there’s a coffee one and I do love these pens!

    1. Well, there is a fresh week starting this week Grandma, in essence it is only between 5-7 posts displayed, once a day – so it’ll be really easy for you 🙂

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