QQ: Have you found since you started blogging that you?



QQ: Have you found since started you blogging that you have changed as a person?

Whilst l had experience as a writer, and being organised, and writing in forums and the occasional guest writer in another person’ blog – l have noticed since l started blogging like l am today significant changes in me as a person.

I am becoming a better writer, l am becoming more organised and focused as a writer and thinking ahead more than l normally do. I am always thinking about what l can introduce, or what l might be able to invent or create to keep readers entertained as an example and looking at forever widening my diversity range of content and thinking in such a way of writing about topics that whilst l am knowledgable on, l haven’t yet tackled because of perhaps a lack of confidence.

But also l have noticed that l have become more sociable, and more relaxed and not so cynical, and more optimistic and confident with myself, and whilst the word ‘excited’ is still too much of an ask … l am looking forward to each new day and what l might get up to with my blog. I am therefore very happy with my overall blogging experience and pleased at my personal achievements with regards blogging.

Because of the blogging and a strong online presence, it has further awarded me a confidence l oft pondered about concerning running a real online business – but with the blogging l am able to see and grade more how people and readers alike think.

But that’s me, how about you – since you started blogging what have you noticed about yourself? Have you experienced a transformation of sorts with your confidence, your optimism and or your ability to tackle new projects?

Let me know below, cheers, Rory

37 thoughts on “QQ: Have you found since you started blogging that you?

  1. Nice post man. I started my blog at the start of 2015 at the suggestion of my best mate. At first I thought what’s the point now I love it. Blogging has definitely changed me in a very positive way. I am getting better with writing but still have a long way to go. I’m more motivated in my hobby because the blog pushes me to get stuff done. My creative horizons have grown immensely due to following other like minded people too. πŸ‘πŸΌ

    1. Hey good afternoon Rebel, many thanks for your comment here today. I am pleased that blogging has made you into a more complete person [that sounds corny doesn’t, not meant to ha ha] but it’s great news that it motivates and inspires you to get things done with focus, l do know what you mean πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve definitely gained more skills, but I don’t know that it’s changed me as a person. If anything, I’d say blogging helps me better connect with who I already am.

  3. Blogging has improved my discipline with maintaining a writing practice, but i’m Not sure that it’s changed me as a person.

    1. Okay, have you found it changed your confidence at all as in, were you freely able to talk about your strengths and weaknesses for instance with people outside of the blogosphere or have you noticed in consideration to when you first ever starting to write that you felt you were able to open up more to this virtual world?

      I am very open person anyway, so l can talk freely without hesitation or reservation about my life, but not people can do that. The biggest thing l have noticed has been an increased ability to tackle different subject matter.

      1. I can be open to strangers. I think talking about mental illness with other people helps break the stigma. Obviously, I don’t just go up to someone and tell them I have this or that illness, but if it comes up, I’ll talk about it. For example, if I’m at a social event (which is hardly ever), if a stranger asks me what I do, I tell them I’m a writer and that I blog about bipolar disorder.

  4. Yes, of course, Rory, I think it’s natural to be changed, both positively and negatively at times, by the experience of blogging as so much goes on with, on and through it.

    Everything we do transforms us in some manner.

    I started out on tumblr. That’s a very different type of blogging experience from WordPress.

    Blogging is an interesting way to find out if you really are who you think you are. Who you are will be tested.

    It’s a good way to find out if that person you wanted to be is really better than who you actually are as you can try out alternate selves via a blog… the blogosphere is full of defunct blogs created by someone testing out an alternate version of themselves who later thought nope and just left the blog there.

    Blogging is an excellent way to face your fears and those things you consider to be weaknesses, issues, and such. It can be very liberating… if that’s what you decide to do with what crops up when you do it.

    1. A truly excellent response Ursula, so thank you. I totally agree with everything you have written, and it resonates around my cranium at speed. I have discovered more about myself with this blog, than l may have found out about myself just performing the usual weekly ponderings, equally as you probably know as a people watcher to a people watcher – you learn a lot about people in the process.

      I have faced quite a few of my weaknesses in here and found strengths l never knew l had. But as much as the blogging has taught me about myself l have learned huge volumes by the writers around me. As an example and l know l have said this to you before, but your posts and your answers always make me double think and then l challenge myself to different things and that just your responses, but of the writers and bloggers alike πŸ™‚

      Hope you are keeping well πŸ™‚

    1. Yes you have indeed l was thinking of you Sadje as l was writing this question out today πŸ™‚

      Your confidence has risen expotentially in comparison to when you first joined us, and that has got to be seen as a real achievement for you by you and as well as us watching on.

  5. Fundamentally no, blogging has not changed who I am. But it does provide me with a platform to express myself creatively. And most importantly, to be heard by the wonderful community of bloggers I’ve met here.

  6. Not so much. One large reason I write these posts (some of them) is to remain stable vis a vis mood and mental wellness. But Fandango shared a cute cartoon from yesteryear on one of my recent posts which was Popeye saying “I yam what I yam.” Yep.

  7. I’m still the same old me. That’s okay though cuz I like me. It took over 40 years to become a me that I liked.
    I do socialize more. I don’t have any friends that I see IRL. My time is focused on Ben so on line friends is perfect and WP has given me some fantastic people to be friends with!

  8. Blogging has given me the confidence to be my true self. In the beginning, I felt as if I was holding back, too stiff. Now the flow is easier.
    Has my writing improved? I believe it has to a certain extent. I’ll be honest with you, it isn’t until I read a comment until I know for sure if my writing is up to par.
    Most importantly to me, it’s the commonality and friendships I have made here that make this blogging experience so worthwhile.

    1. Hey Betul, l think writing/blogging boosts our ability to concentrate and focus more as well as it allows us to stretch our confidence with expression πŸ™‚

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