Fresh outa the Cuckoo Nest!

Fresh outa the Cuckoo Nest!

No, of course l am not depressed,
That’s just hearsay on your part,
For today l am lucky to be blessed,
Which is good for a start!
My day started well, very well indeed,
.. and has gotten better, and better,
Like it was high as a kite on speed!
Plus l feel great, fabulous and fresher,
Than before, it’s truly marvellous,
It must be said!
No longer, forgetful or purposeless,
Now there is grandeur whirring in my head!
I am positively and fabulously optimistic,
About the world around me,
So much so, the others think l am a lunatic!
With all my jabbering’s, but l disagree!
They say, ‘”You’re Nuts and becoming a pest!”
“Like you have fallen out of a tree!”
“Rubbish!” I answer, “I am a bird outa the Cuckoo Nest!!”
“Simply soaring as high as that kite and just as free!!”

© Rory Matier 2019

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