4 Paws Diary – Ep 36

me two

Episode 36

4 Paws Diary

27th April 2019

The Brush Off!

me two

Hey Everyone!

I know, l know “Scrappy it’s been over three weeks since your last 4 paw entry, what gives??”

Well l am surprised you even need to ask that question of me? Have you NOT seen how pawlific dad is on this kompootah of his?? It’s supposed be shared – when do l get a go? When he is NOT hogging it all for himself – that’s when! Like now!!

Dad tells me l should do a post, and says further more that l am being ‘tardy’ – l will give him tardy! I am getting older, l don’t have to paw an episode up each week – l do it as and when. I was pretty busy not long back, did you see how many K9, Feline and Petz interviews we had a couple of weeks ago? Well that is me when l am busy! I was busy, l did loads ……okay, okay! Yes dad helped of course he did, he doesn’t have a choice, l don’t always ask him, l expect him to, he is pretty good most of the time about it, but then has the gall to say l should be pawing up one of my diary entries by myself at the very least … so okay, so be it, here we go!

A few things have happened of late, nothing dramatic not really – l sleep more these days, go on much shorter walks than before and that is my choice it’s not forced onto me. If l want to go a bit further on one of my walks then l will do, and if l wish to go a shorter distance l always will as well. No one like mummy or dad know how far l will be walking until l about face and start galloping home – yes l in their eyes gallop home! You would do too if you had my treats upon your return! I have an odin filled with yummy bits, a half Dentastix and a nice oat biscuit – yummy!

Mummy was the first to say anything, but one day l don’t know how long ago, but it was before even my last 4 paws diary episode, mummy said l smelled!!?


But l managed to wiggle and squiggle my way out of having a bath and a brush!! Of course mummy didn’t just say l was smelly, but l also was a hairy smelly beast!! And for most of this month l have managed to avoid being washed ot brushed!!

Dad cannot always do it by himself because l jiggle and wiggle away from him, but mummy doesn’t have a dodgy arm, and she tends to capture me .. but l start to shake and moan and complain and in the end – mummy can only do a small bit at a time because l make them think they are killing me!!

Dad says l am manipulating her, she then said “Well then YOU do it she’s your dog Mr I know it all! Oh no, you can’t because you have a funny arm!!”  I do laugh because when they start saying things like this, l wiggle and ta da, l am in the house again where they can’t get me brushed or washed and l stay under dad’s desk and don’t move!

But recently dad has started to say to mummy they need to get me washed because l am a smelly dog who and when dad said this l was shocked but dad said “Scrappy is starting to smell as bad as one of her own farts!!”

Well l honestly never thought l would ever hear my own dad say that about me!? But now that makes it more difficult to get away from two 2 leggeds and last week l nearly got everything done all at once! It’s taken me almost a full week to recover … you see mummy pinned me down and dad helped by holding me still and mummy brushed me!! Then sprayed me with that coconut spray of mine which makes me smell all yucky and sweet! She even said she was going to wash me, but because she had been busy during the weekend, and it was quite late in the day, she said l would haven’t enough time to dry properly even with drying, so l didn’t get washed.

Because of Storm Hanna this weekend l am not going to be washed either BUT yesterday dad said a parcel turned up with my name all over it?? Which was strange because it didn’t have anything on it, it was a brown plain box – but when it was opened up, there was a very strange pair of black rubbery gloves inside it covered in small rubber spiky bits?

Dad showed them to me to let me smell them and then both he and mummy put them on and walked towards me, one glove on each hand of theirs and started to play with me both at the same time!! Mummy l knew was brushing me, and so was dad, l had been fooled and was trapped! It didn’t last long, but they were brushing me with this new pair of gloves and they were all smiles and mummy was saying when l got washed she would be able to give me a jolly good brush because these new gloves were allowed to get wet!

Uh oh l thought that doesn’t sound so good. So the next time we have sunny weather, mummy is going to wash me and brush me at the same time, and dad has told me not to worry as he will take clickitty’s for me so l don’t pawget!

Folks, l think my days may be numbered, it may be according to dad  … sunny tomorrow!!!

Anyway, that’s all for now, l know l said there are a few things, but dad says l can use the kompootah again tomorrow as l need to tell you all about me appawrently being a K9 Bully as well as this thing called Booloo is back!!

Till then, Tootlepip from Doodlepip!

me two

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  1. I think Scrappy, you should get a bath as it’s good for your health. Then you won’t have to have one for some time.

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