The History of our OK’s


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The History of Our OKs

For such a simple term, it is surrounded in controversy as to how it actually emerged into the English language, was it through ‘slave terminology for ‘All right, yes indeed’, or from a nickname of an American presidential candidate from the mid 1800’s or as supposition would have it, the end result of a misspelling?

“Orl Korrekt’ aka ‘all correct’, was circulating the Americas’ in the early 1800’s as a form of jokey slang, alongside ‘Know go’ aka ‘No go’, both of these terms were abbreviated for impact one was K.G with the other being O.K and history tells us only too well which one survived the humour.

There is no definitive answer for how it actually came into use and being, but there is an excellent chance it was one of the Americanisms from above.

It doesn’t really matter for the sake of this post how it came into action, but it is one of those pieces of useful/useless information that might come into its own at a pub quiz night or even a geeky first date!

OK, is much used now alongside the occasional K.K and an even more distant buddy ‘Okay’. There are of course many other variations also, such as ‘okeh’, ‘hokay’, kay, ‘ookoo’, ‘oukei’, M’kay, Okily Dokily, okidoki and my favourite A-OK or Okies Dokies!


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Whichever your favourite, it’s ok with me.

These days, everyone says it’s ‘Ok to be ok’, equally as much as they simply say ‘Ok’, or just ok, or it’s just ok, with the occasional ‘Ok, ok’ and of course not forgetting being ok, is ok, as long as you are ok, because just being ok, is ok!


The arrival of ‘It’s ok to not be ok’, is more newer as a thing, except it’s not ok, nor is it new to ok, being ‘Ok to not be ok’, has been with us for a very long time, it’s just that social media pick up these ‘newisms’ and class them as their own. Pretty much like l have just added ‘newisms’ which is 90’s slang for ‘It’s new so it must be better’ A bit like the KK phenomena!


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It’s the ‘It’s ok to not be ok’ that gets me the most, because whilst it has become commonly acceptable to say that It’s Ok to not be OK, the fact is, that it isn’t ok to not be ok, we need to understand that.

That it’s not ok to not be ok, but equally to not be ashamed of saying it’s not ok, or l am not ok, or they are not ok, but it’s not ok, to say that we are not ok, because truth be known we want to be more than just not ok, we want to be totally ok, we wish to be A-Okay or A-OK, or as l like to express it – A-Fucking OK!

I want to be A-Fucking Ok, not just ok, or l am not ok, but that’s ok, l want to be one hundred times more positive than 100% NOT OK! I want to be more than just OK, l want to be Positively Differently OK! Being OK is ordinary, it’s fine, but why just be OK, when you can be Differently OK too?

That’s what l want, to be 100% Positively Differently A- Fucking OK!! Because if l am that, then l will know that l am not just OK, but l am more than OK, because everyone wants to be more than just OK!


There will be, and there are times, when let’s be honest, we don’t feel ok, or we are not ok, and by that l mean we are really not ok at all! I am not specifically celebrating those times when l am not ok, but l am not saying it’s wrong to know them. For when you know you are not ok, when you are ok you then have a comparison, and let’s be honest no one in their right mind wants to be not ok, everyone wants to be 100% OK!

There is no shame nor dishonour in saying ‘ l’m not ok’, it’s sadly a way of life now, we will all say it at one time or another. It’s OK to NOT Be OK, l just want to not just be ok, or to not, not be ok, l don’t want to have to say to myself ‘It’s ok to not be ok mate! ‘”I want to be able to say – l am more than ok, l am awesomely, fantastically, super deliciously and Positively Differently OK!

Just remember, that it’s ok, so ok to be different!

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Classic Eggshell Moments

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