QQ: Why Should People Read Your Blog?



QQ: Why Should People Read Your Blog?

Did you know that currently worldwide there are roughly 400 millions blogs online? Did you know that more than 410 million people on WordPress view more than 25 billion pages per month? Did you know furthermore that each month on WordPress alone that there are nearly 70 millions posts made?? Of course these numbers are not just vast but huge BUT they don’t actually mean squat to you or l.

Last week a friend of mine asked of me. “Rory why should anyone read your blog, what’s so special about it?”Β  It was an excellent question l thought … why should anyone actually read my blog?

If you read these fancy blogs and websites around us, and we are surrounded by marketing bloggers and SEO bloggers and bloggers this and blogger that – they all have the secret to success apparently … yer lol! Apparently!

They tell us all the time that we should be doing all sorts of things – that we are to create valuable content, that we need to get noticed, that our SEO needs to be high and we need to be aware of of all our stats and figures and the list goes on.Β  Running a blog can be easy or hard it is all reflective upon you, the blogger, the writer, the creator of content.

I think the useful thing is that as creators we need to write content that we are both interested in and passionate about and put a twist on it in such a way that encourages and motivates people to stop by and stay awhile and we need to keep on washing, rinsing and repeating that formula.

We have to be different to the next blog along, but what hasn’t been written about by someone already? We are not looking to reinvent the wheel are we? We are just looking to have people read our content and want to come back for more on a regular basis. I don’t think all the information on the fancy sites l mentioned earlier is wrong – stats and figures and a certain amount of knowledge is essential in today’s world and especially if you do want your content to be read in the first place.

So what makes you different and what makes people read you? I asked myself this question after l was asked, and l answered, with ‘That’s an excellent question but l think l can answer you ….

‘I think people read my blog because of the diversity l offer. I try to be as different as l can. This is not saying l don’t have series or repeat artciles l do, but l think l do things differently to a large percentage of bloggers, but it’s not completely unique, it’s just l do it my way, l put a twist on it. I have a mixture of serious and fun, silly and practical, l am extremely honest and open about who l am, l do unusual things but above everything, what l do is basically empty out my mind into the blog every week.

“Plus l really care about my community and l care for them more than l care for my friends in my ‘real life’ I meet different people from all around the world daily, l interact with more people daily with my blog, than l do with real people.

“But above everything l work really hard at my blog to make it as entertaining as l can. I think that is why people read my blog.”

Now that is why l think people read my blog,Β  Why ‘should’ people read my blog? Because l believe it to be an entertaining experience. If people think l am wrong please by all means tell me below in the comment section.

I think it’s an important question and one we should ask ourselves frequently next to … is my blog interesting, can l do anything to ensure that l always have people reading my content … l know there are many who say ‘l am not bothered if people read my blog or not’, a fraction of those might be speaking the truth, but l have met those who only say that because people are not reading their blog.

Our audience and readerships are important to our blogs and our continuation in blogging – we want people to read our content, otherwise why create a blog in the first place? Sure you can write for yourself, but there are other formats to utilise and it doesn’t always have to be a blog, maybe a private journal?

However to the readers now … back to the original question ..

….. Why Should People Read Your Blog?

Let me know your thoughts below, many thanks – Rory

57 thoughts on “QQ: Why Should People Read Your Blog?

  1. Very valid question. I feel people read mine because I’m upfront and honest and many different topics…now…and not just my struggle with porn over the years.

    1. Hey Stuart, hope you are keeping well – l think the answers is as you say and l have said ‘diversity’. We are blogging in a sea of blogger’s blogs – so we need to do something that keeps the readers minds active – thanks for stopping by and giving some really good insight πŸ™‚

  2. My blog is recommended for those lacking self confidence in regard to their own creative endeavours. Readers leave my page with an enhanced sense of worth and positive thoughts about their place in the scheme of things. Comments such as …

    β€œI thought I was bad until I read your stuff, but wow! I didn’t know how much worse it could be!”


    β€œYou have renewed my desire to live. The fact that you haven’t shot yourself (yet) should be an inspiration to all. Keep up the terrible work!”


    β€œI cannot tell you how much your writing has helped me to live with bulimia”

    are common.

    My blog is also useful in the treatment of chronic insomnia.

  3. Even though the ideas may not always be unique, the individuals are. I like blogs that are infused with a healthy dose of personality. If people want to hear from a woodpecker-stalking guinea pig-crazed mentally ill woman, that’s what my blog is there for.

      1. Lol I have a woodpecker roosting on my balcony. There are a mama and a papa, and possibly babies. They take up loads of my time.

        1. Oh how cool is that πŸ™‚

          Is your balcony a walk out onto balcony or a non walk into balcony – sounds crazy but over here we have the former and the latter are non balcony’s but are mostly ornamental.

          1. It’s a functional walk out balcony, and it’s covered by the balcony of the floor above me, and there’s a nice woodpecker-sized hollow area for roosting.

          2. Wow, is it a first for you and them or do you have birds normally roosting there?

            we have woodpeckers visit the garden here, but the closest l have been to them is about 15 foot, how close do you get or do they allow you to get?

            I so hope you are able to take photos?

          3. Papa has been with me for two years, and mama has been around since last years. I take ridiculous numbers of photos and videos, and I’ve got a great view through the sliding glass door.

  4. Hi Rory,
    It’s a good question. I don’t have a good answer for myself. I will need a wee bit more time.

    What I am excited about in this blogging process is the sincere support and empathetic energy that is VERY available from many bloggers! I LOVE THAT! I have been discouraged by the amount of young women who “dream of travel” and who’s names are derived from the word kitten and the PHOTOGRAPHERS that think the first thing you should see in a beachscape is a well crafted rear-end. I am not against these folks, they are just not my tribe. I want to be part of the group that really does care about what others bloggers have to say. I want to give them a sincere THANK YOU for all of the information they have shared with the 400 million who went before me.
    Many, many thanks.

    1. Hey Good evening Halle,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting πŸ™‚

      Well, l will say this – the community is everything you say and more – l don’t know about the’beachscape rumps’ l will have to take your word for it, however when holidaying l tend to be up to my eyeballs in ruins rather than beach sand πŸ™‚ But l can imagine what you mean when you mention it – way too many Love Island wannabees perhaps πŸ™‚

      But that in itself is the beauty and vibrancy of diversity, because they will have their niche following equally as indeed you will, and l will – there is a market for everyone and their content – but as you have pointed out and l have written in the past – WP is my tribe of people also πŸ™‚

  5. I’m pretty similar to you. I write honestly about mental illness, about my life, my disability, I am also diverse, I post things like quotes, recipes, etc, as well as the real honest stuff. I think people like that about me. xox

  6. Yep, valid question and important. I think I’m insightful and wonderful. Apparently, not good enough to monetize my blog. Not enough clicks to Amazon or Chapters or Barnes & Noble. I write mostly for myself, I think, and then realize I’m blowing smoke out my butt. Of course I want people to read it! Of course I want followers! Ugh. It’s difficult.

    1. Ha ha – thanks for stopping by, if it’s any consolation, l think a lot of people feel the same way that you do about making an income from your blog, we have almost come to a standstill with regards clicker response. and it’s not that it doesn’t work, it’s just more along the lines of you’ll not be in the millionaires circle overnight πŸ™‚

  7. I think nowadays our life is quite busy and we often forget about ourselves. Through my blog I’m trying to remind my followers and who has the pleasure to stop by my blog to not forget about themselves, to be positive, to smile and to never stop dreaming! Also who likes to travel or to eat good food, will find some good info too ☺️ I like reading your blog for the diversity and all the good laugh that I’m getting enjoying reading it ☺️

    1. Hey Ribana, l agree with you about your blog, it is indeed inspiring and lightens the load in an otherwise busy life and hectic pace – and thank you for the compliment πŸ™‚

  8. Interesting question. I read your blog for a number of reasons, the first one is that you always have great content and that I consider you my friend. Then the other is a variety of subjects you address.

    1. Morning Sadje, well that’s really flattering, however the question was mostly aimed at why you think people should read your blog πŸ™‚

      1. I know, it was the first part of my answer. For the actual question, I have to think about it and filter from the comments. Will be Writing a post about it soon. Thanks

  9. I also try to be entertaining and engage with my audience. While I write some self-indulgent posts (complaints, rants, etc.), I try to make them funny. If a post fails my proofreading test for humor or interest value, I delete it before posting. Also, I try not to be insulting or offend huge groups of people with my opinions. Not everything needs to be said!

    1. Hey Paula, l totally agree, l have no desire nor wish to be insulting to these people or their beliefs, l do find it irksome at times that whilst l am willing to listen, they are very rarely willing to listen to something else as a way of opinion though.

    2. Mm, l see what l have done there, l was answering that last post to the Dear Blog answer, but got them mixed up, so l shall try again…

      Totally agree, some topics l will not write on, however occasionally l will write of an incident like ‘yesterday and the JW’s’ but l tend to steer clear off religion as a whole and poltics, those two topics alone can cause absolutely horrible outcomes.

      I refuse point blank to write something which l know will offend people, as that isn’t polite nor courteous, nor intelligent. I am pretty easy going with a lot of beliefs and l try not too judge another – it’s not good content to continually rant on about a topic which can upsets a lot of people. Plus politics especially is becoming quite boring and taxing on people and they want more entertainment – good response Paula, and obviously my previous answer is to your response in Dear Blog πŸ™‚

  10. I started the blog in order to fight the stigma towards mental illness. I depict what (my) life is like with bipolar, so people can understand that it isn’t all that different from the lives of people without bipolar, so we shouldn’t be treated differently. Mentally well people have nothing to fear! Lol.

    1. Absolutely spot on, sometimes l should imagine like you Barb, people forget we are living in the 21st Century with their medieval beliefs on bipolar! So an excellent reason for a blog is awareness, fighting stigmas and taboos πŸ™‚

  11. Honestly, I just try to keep my blog as real as I can. Granted, I have a mental illness/disorders, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a quirky personality and other interest in writing. To be honest… I actually want to pose the same question about my blog… Why do people read my blog? LOL!

    1. Well there we go, so is it that your cooking is good for insomnia and your reading is great for the kitchen … or am l looking at this wrong πŸ™‚

  12. I read your blog definitely what you have expressed and along with it I enjoy reading it. Wonderful question asked too.
    As far as my blog is concerned people should read my blog as I try to bring happiness and positivity in everyone’s life with inspiration on different topics shared. Also as i often say I not a writer i just express myself in simple words with main motive of creating a habit for those who don’t like reading and wish somewhere I am able to change the life with new hope and positivity one day.

    1. Hey Tanvir and what you do in your blog and the way you have expressed here, is exactly how l would describe, and yet l would say that you are indeed a writer – you write, you express, people read and people respond to what you have written and always favourably, is this not the very ethos of being a writer – award yourself more credit – you are what you are and you do it exceedingly well πŸ™‚

        1. It is the truth as l see it Tanvir πŸ™‚

          Pleasure, hope you are having a great Friday, thinking on it you can’t be too far away from seeing the start to the weekend πŸ™‚

  13. I am not doing anything different in my blog. I am writing stories and poems, but what is different is that I wrote them. Everything is newly created and unpublished so people get the chance to read my material for free BEFORE I become really famous. Why wouldn’t they want to take advantage of that? πŸ˜‰ If people like to read and like to engage with other writers then my blog is a good place to start. I like engaging with other writers and taking part in games and challenges, Including many that originate on this blog.

    1. Hey Kristian, totally agree with what you have said – and jeepers creepers indeed, before you are famous is that as a writer or a inspector l wonder πŸ™‚

  14. I don’t know what I’m doing mostly on my blog, it’s just me being myself and coping with whatever life is.
    And that’s the reason I read other’s blogs. People here don’t sugarcoat the reality of life. We need to hear and see the truth and then help each other deal with it, even if it required just being there for each other.

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