Pot of Gold


Pot of Gold

Not always been the luckiest of chaps,
Think it safely can be said,
Destiny’s fond of dealing me crap hands,,
And turning treasure into dread!
But what if l could change my fate,
And in such a cunning way,
That greatly improved my banking rate,
A plan to enrich every day?

Well ponder did l, l have to say,
Upon schemes both light and deep,
To grant me a silver lining buffet,
Riches galore, that were mine to keep,
Is it, was it even possible,
To contrive such a working notion?
Allowing me to arrive at a miracle?
So that l could sit back happily golden …

Was l to look to the horses mouth,
For tips and neighing advice,
On how to win and head south,
By letting it ride, or thinking twice?
Perhaps a hand of poker or two,
But cards never been true to me,
The decks always seem to be askew!
And lady luck an escapee!
Oh the complexities of it all!
What is the master plan of winning,
Legal and truthful?
Without robbery or downright sinning???

Chance smiled upon me the other day,
Given was l a lottery prize card,
Nothing it cost me, twas a gift ‘Hooray!’
Shouldn’t complain, it was a start!

Guess what, l only won me a pound,
So in exchange l got another,
This is a plan, and sound!
Legally fair and not a call of a hustler!

And so now my luck is changing,
Dreams of pieces of eight on the horizon,
With each card now, l am replacing,
My winning streak has just begun!
Okay, it may not be much, l sorely agree,
But a pound here and there,
With the chance of higher pleases me,
So l will never be a billionaire,
With this particular lottery,
But with every winning l save,
And hold back properly,
Investing in again a shave,

The moral of this story is very simple,
For those who might say, l might not end up with any
‘Tis a plan, that keeps me cheerful,
But above everything,
It was started with a quid that did not cost me a penny!!!

© Rory Matier 2012


7 thoughts on “Pot of Gold

  1. One can have nothing “monetary wise” and be full of joy and gratitude and be richer than the richest billionaire in the world. 😉

    Those silver linings are aplenty if we shift our perspective and find joy in the little things. 🙂

    Wonderful poem!

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