Here Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Fandango’s taken the bait, l have lured him into the Late Night Quick Draw!

This, That, and The Other


Rory has posted another on of his intrusive questions posts, this one he calls Late Night Quick Draw because, I guess, he posted it late at night and he was quick on the draw that night, whatever that means (get your minds out of the gutter, folks).

So let’s see what Rory was wondering late that night.

Describe yourself in 7 words?

I’m an old fart who enjoys blogging.

What do you find funny?

I find it funny that around 40% of American voters still support Donald Trump, and that almost 90% of Republicans think he’s doing good job as president. Actually, I don’t find that funny at all. I find it inexplicable and very sad.

Favorite Food?

Maryland blue crabs

Favorite Tipple?

“Tipple”? I had to Google that word to learn that it’s an alcohol beverage. I’m kind of a teetotaler, but if I am going to have an…

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