Once Upon A Blog Crime ……..



Once Upon A Blog Crime ……..

25th April 2019 – Game 7

Good grief, in all of my time as a Police Chief never have l come across such a time! Since November of 2018, there has been six gruesome murders most foul, that my department of keenly astute Detectives have had to crack and now, here is our 7th murder!

When l received this post they said “Chief, you can have the WordPress community, it’s gentle, and nice and comely” ..yes, they said ‘comely’, l mean who even uses comely these days if not for some literary bodkin? YET, with today’s murder that brings us to 7 diabolical crime scenes! 7!!?

Now we have another, l have called upon yet another one of my remarkable detectives to deal with this case, he is coming down from Yorkshire and trained under none other than Vera! What do you mean who? You know Vera with the Paddington bear look to her! That Vera. Oh good grief, look at her case studies sheet.

Anyway, to the matter at hand!

During our investigation the following names have come up in connection to our five main questions ..

These being;

Perp 1

Cheryl of The Bag Lady

Perp 2

Clare of Dreams and Adventures of Cosy Cottage

Perp 3

Carol Anne of Therapy Bits

Perp 4

Cyranny of Cyranny’s Cove

Perp 5

Sandman Jazz



Right, the good Inspector Kristian of Tales of the mind of Kristian has found himself able to step in for our Inspector Gary, who has found his current case is more demanding of his time, and so asked me to find another highly skilled Inspector who can take this case on board and l can’t think of many more capable than Inspector Kristian, who has a finely tuned mind if l say so myself when it comes to the criminality of criminals!

Inspector Gary has said that he is currenly held up with the bewildering Case of the Decapitated Scarecrows in the north of England and may be some time yet before he can be free to handle some of this offices cases!

Inspector Kristian, you Sir, know the score, you know what is expected of you – we need to know the following concerning these five ‘perps’  ……. so using your powers of sleuthery, creative imagination and impactive deduction l need you to crack this case!

Who is the victim?

Who is the murderer?

Who is the location?

Who is the murder weapon?

Who is the motive?

For goodness sake if you are also able to …… tell us how they were killed? Be specific, all the gory details please!


So what do l actually need from you all at this present time?

The Detective

Well working with very little information, you have five perps, and five specific questions – each question is relevant to one of the perps. Do you think as an example that Perp 1 might be the victim, or indeed the weapon, perhaps they are neither, maybe they are the murderer, or even the motive or just the location? That’s down to you to decide. Each of our Perps has a clue in their name we can clearly see here that we have … an odd bunch this time, l have to say!

You have a ‘bag lady’,  a cosy cottage, some bits of therapy, a cove, and some jazz with the Sandman? Don’t envy your task it has to be said Inspector!

The Perps

Currently they need do nothing, we have yet to establish who was actually murdered first as well as the other questions at hand needing to be addressed. However once our Detective Inspector has discovered the truth, the murderer may wish to submit  a confession or of course a denial?


Six of our Inspectors have cracked decidedly difficult cases already, if you are not yet familiar with their case files, l have included them here for your perusal:

Inspector Sadje of Keep It Alive March 2019

Inspector Light of Light Motifs II March 2019

Inspector Fandango of This, That and The Other March 2019

Inspector Li of Tao Talk February 2019

Inspector Kristian of Tales of the mind of Kristian February 2019

Inspector Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith November 2018


Once Upon A Blog Crime

Good luck and imagination Detective, l feel you are going to need it!


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    1. Thanks – l have had word that Inspector Gary of Yorkshire is tied up with another case, but will start work this coming Monday – so we will find the devil in the detail l believe 🙂

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