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Selling God on the Doorstep.

As long as a person’s views are not illegal or hurting anyone, l have always where l can respected another person’s religious viewpoint – it is their personal perrogative to believe in what they feel comfortable with and if it awards them a pleasure, or a lightness or a relaxation of the mind, a learning curve or whatever – it matters not where l might sit on the spectrum of belief vrs. non – belief and oft puzzlement.

If l am at times confused as to why people choose to believe in the existence of a  god of any sort, then that that is no different to those who do believe in a god and are bewildered as to why l do not?

As it is, l am not that sure what l believe in, with conventional religion l sit on the cusp of being an agnostic who leans towards being an athiest. I was born into the Catholic faith – as was the religion of my father’s family, whilst my mother was a salvation army girl, and yet when she married my father she had to convert to catholcism. I attended mass and Sunday school when young, but the church and l started to have disagreements from around the age of fourteen when l decided l wanted to study the occult, and then god and l had a major disagreement which ended up in us both going our seperate ways in 1987. We hadn’t seen eye to eye since 1977 but that is life.

My take might be basically very simple but athieism is the complete and utter disbelief in the existence of gods, whilst agnosticism is the belief that nothing is known about the existence of gods. So l am mostly the latter with a tendency to lean towards the former.

The only reason, l find it hard is because – l have lived an unusual life and l have seen things that defy explanation, but that doesn’t necessarily mean these things are bound by religion and or gods which is why l am inbetween the two. I view it that if anything, being agnostic is basically being quite open minded about it, l am sure there are people who disagree with this, your perrogative as much as it is mine to have my own belief. If l was truly pushed l would say l have my own belief set that doesn’t really involve any of your gods – there is good and bad in all people and yet l know there are people who would say that l am wrong in that belief – again, their perrogatve and mine is mine.

But what l have always struggled with is the selling of God on the doorstep, which is the situation l found myself in yesterday afternoon!

A couple of Jehovah’s witnesses rang the doorbell yesterday, and upon answering the first thing l heard was “Isn’t it appalling about the attrocities we have in our world today?”

Which l think is a silly question anyway – “Of course it is horrific,” l answered, “No one wants to hear or see these things but that’s the very nature of our life. With respects, what religion are you pushing?”

Well the woman she just looked at me, and answer “We are Jehovah’s witnesses, and l just wanted to say …”

I had to cut her short, years ago l would have invited the pair in for tea or coffee and tallied and rallied about the existence of god, but l didn’t have the energy to do so yesterday. “Ok, thank you, l am an agnostic and l don’t wish to have your magazine, but it’s a beautiful day and at least it’s not raining, but no thank you.”

Well she wasn’t one to be put off easily and answered “Do you not think you should have more of an open mind about this?”

“I do have an open mind, equally as much on this subject over other subjects but here’s one for you – what happens if your god isn’t real at all, and is nothing much short of an extraterrestrial, what will you do then?”

Well she just looked at me like l had three heads and was bright vomit coloured. “That’s absurd there is no such thing as aliens!”

“Okay, well how do you know that?” I asked.

“Well because l have never seen one for starters, and l work in facts, l am a retired science teacher.”

“Wow, well there we go then, that says it all doesn’t it, you haven’t seen one and so therefore it simply cannot exist? But l can almost guarantee you haven’t seen god either and yet you believe in that without a shadow of a doubt? Go figure….

“My phiolosophy is simple, l do have an open mind to all sorts of things, l have seen strange things in my life, throughout my journey that quite oftens defies possibility and explanation, but it is because of my open mind that l don’t write things off, yet here you are selling your god on the doorstep and telling me l don’t have an open mind, and you are NOT willing to believe in the possibility that there might be life in the stars above on another planet? Because it is absurd to think that way? Gees, l would have to say, perhaps you need more of an open mind eh?

“Anyway, l am busy currently and need to get on but do wish you both well, goodbye.” With that l closed the door. The strangest thing is that very same woman, was the same woman l said this to last year. I remembered her, she had completely forgotten me it seems.

As said l don’t mind what a person’s religion is, as long it isn’t illegal or hurts anyone, but it does appear that people who sell god on the doorstep don’t have an open mind.

Dear Blog ……

13 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 09.18 – 24/04/19

  1. Lol Rory. The first bit of this made me laugh my head off. About you a d God. I LOVED it. Me and Him/Her/It have had arguments too, and even screaming matches!

    I so agree with you. You will probably realise that I do have a faith – am Catholic, coverted from Methodism. I know – odd! But I STILL don’t know whether there is a God or not. Maybe God just consists in the Grue Self within us, or our iron will, etc. I just don’t know. I certainly don’t be,ue e in the okd man in the sky nonsense.

    But oh, those Jehovah’s Witnesses! We’ve had them too. Drive you mad they do. I like to be polite to EVERY person. But they do druve me mad.

    I eslecialky like to keep an open mind, like you. And though I am where I am, or think I am, there are MANY different faiths in here, and none at all, and I live them all and welcome ALL to my Blog. I try not to write about Christianity too much as I don’t want to a,ie ate myself from those who do not share my faith. But a bit has slipped bit lately. Duh!

    I would NEVER try to push my faith onto anyone else. I HATE that kind of thing. I have had a few brushes with people in here who wanted to push their brand of Christianity onto me (via email of course). Or some other brand of psychotberapy or something. Then when I resisted they got nasty. So I nearly left WP completely when they started telling others how terrible I was.

    You seem bigotry cones in all forms.

    You will NEVER catch me trying to push ANYTHING onto ANYBODY. But I will a,ways fespect the faith of others, as long as they respect me as a person too. Great pist Rory.

    1. Morning Lorraine and that’s exactly the situation – i don’t know if there is or there isn’t, but l try to be respectful to everyone’s belief. i am a good natured person as it and don’t really see the need to be rude to anyone, but l did become irked yesterday, not that they would have detected that as l was polite to them. But l become weary when l am told l don’t have an open mind.

      Everyone is entitled to believe in what they wish to believe in, and even if l was a hard core devoutest l still wouldn’t expect others to believe in the same things as l might do – because there is good and bad in each and every one of us, it’s that simple.

      I don’t tend to write of these things because religion and politics have a ways of causing wars not just between nations and governments but between people and societies, and so l tend to steer clear, but this incident did need mentioning.l feel, as it just seemed a little hypocritical.

      1. I understand exactly why you wrote it Rory, and I am glad you did. Really glad. I do understand about writing about religion and politics. For the most part I think I leave RELIGION out of my pists, but spirituality gets in, which is a TOTALLY diferent thing. I can quite comfortably converse with pagaans on a spiritual level and have much in common with them. But I notuced you went into the occult and wanted to know if you have done the ouja boards. We did when I was at College. Iwas 19. It scared the shit out of some of them because it was an experiment and no one nessed about. No one expected anything to gappen. But it did. It seems we contacted Malcom Sarvent,vwho was dead then. Do you believe this can happen? Everyone was so upset that they never tried it again lol. I was just totalky in awe and i trigued by it. What do you think?

        1. Like you Lorraine, l don’t have a problem with spirituality and paganism and druidism in fact, if l am going to be brutally honest – that is where my heart mostly resides.

          Now my philosophy today is no different to when l was ten years of age, we cannot criticise what we don’t know and equally we cannot judge what we don’t know. So where possible l have tried everything l can in life once, sometimes twice and sometimes thrice if not more .. l have experimented, toyed with, played with, examined and researched and tested discoveries.

          There have been many trials by error and they have become learned experiences …

          So when l was 14 – 18 l was incredibly interested in the occult, black magic, devilry, as much as l was interested in studying theology and ideology, l was into everything freely, willingly and voluntarily – my mind was on the absorb all the time for mental, physical, emotional and personal discovery and teachings.

          I was an active ghost hunter from 18-21, and that has its fair share of critics as it is, but did l dabble? Oh yes and did that go right or wrong? Many a time wrong, sometimes right and one time horrendously wrong that ended in the most awful of consequences.

          I am often surprised these days for instance by people who study certain things and only work on the theory that there is one side to each coin, when that is so not true – everything has two sides, to good there is bad, to evil there is moralistic, and it goes on – what do l believe Lorraine – that some things are best left well alone or to live with the consequences. i have yet to recount my tales of this to my readership, but it will come 🙂

          1. I think we are singing from the same songsheet Rory, and it is refreshing to talk to you. I wish we could sit down and talk properly. I did theology at University to Masters then doctorate level. Dyring that time of intsnse study, I DID go into all sorts of things. It was NOT a narrow time. I got into paganism and all sorts. It was SOvrefreshing. So much so that when we had a video shown to us on paganism I just broke down and cried because I felt released. We had pagan tutors of my Masters course, a.ongside Christians of every variety. We had atheists even, doing theology and lectyring on it. We did philosophy. Like you, I had a very very active braid and my mind was all over. I search and searchh a d search. I write a d write an write. All sorts. Iften I feel constrained. It is SO good to talk to you. Iwill be watching out for you posting more on these things. Only problem is, with being blind, I don’t always manage to fead the titles of
            Osts, or rven who is posting when they come into my email box. I will watch for you though. Keep writing and sharing. It’s great

  2. Absolutely right, we all have our own point of view regarding religion. But trying to foist my views and beliefs on another is not how it works.

  3. I’ve always thought this practice was pretty weird, and couldn’t imagine that it was ever actually effective. I found an article that said they get about 1 recruit for every 740 households visited, which is higher than I was expecting. Another article said the average door-knocking time requirement per year for JWs is 840 hours. It seems to me that time could be much better spent helping the needy.

  4. I have a lot of believers in my blogfeed and I’m totally fine with that. More than fine, in fact ~ I find so many are poetic and kind and loving. They’re giving off good vibes. What I dislike are posts full of negativity and griping at anyone who isn’t onboard with a particular agenda. Too much of this can make me not want to read a person at all. As I said in my other reply, I’m always mindful of my audience and strive to be inclusive.

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