Theme Times – Bumper Weekend – Ended


T.O.T.W – Bumper Weekend!

1980 – 1989

Tomorrow the last two dedications will be displayed – these being:

Journey and Def Leppard requested by :

Kamber Shaffer of The Happy List Maker

Paula of Light Motifs II



21 thoughts on “Theme Times – Bumper Weekend – Ended

  1. Man, Rory, you are killing me! How in hell am I supposed to dedicate just one song? I love all the 80s things. There’s Journey, Queen, Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, Van Halen, Deaf Leopard, Styx, Salt and Pepa- and that’s only skimming the surface. Perhaps I should just make it easy and go with Footloose by Kenny Loggins… Cannot listen without moving them feet!

  2. I am proud to say, Yes! I wore those fun clothes and had huge hair and wild makeup.
    Cindy Lauper, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Hell… I could keep shooting them out. One of the best decades I’ve ever had! LOL! 🤩💃 🕺

  3. Roxy is tops. Then Queen. Def Leppard, Journey, Pat Benatar, Van Halen with DLR. Sigh… Yes, I loved the colorful clothes and big hair too!

    1. Okay Paula, thanks l will have a look through and see which ones to add, we have done queen, so they can be excluded, but probably run with good ol’ Pat Benatar 🙂

  4. Oh my, Rory…. as the others said before me, there are just SO MANY! My favorite band from the 80s has always been Bon Jovi, but here are a few others that I don’t think I’ve seen mentionned above… Scorpions, Europe, Tears for Fears, Phil Collins, AC/DC, Wilson Philips…

  5. No Duran Duran? No OMD? No Pat Benatar? No Berlin? Surely some Billy Squire?
    I do miss the 80s. With the joke in the White House now, I *almost* miss dear old Ronnie Reagan…almost🙂

    1. Hey Grandma, of the list you provided, we covered Pat Benatar and that was it, if it wasn’t voted in, it wasn’t played sadly. 7 songs were played from each band specific to 1980 – 1989

      Thompson Twins


      Pat Benatar

      Cindy Lauper

      Roxy Music



      Toni Basil

      Soft Cell





      Def Leppard

      Bon Jovi

      Van Halen

      Whitney Houston

      Salt’n’ Pepa

      Tears For Fears

      Phil Collins

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