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1] Blog Name 

Curiosity and Confession

2] What is your blog’s specific genre? 

Umm I would think “Personal”. It’s mainly just thoughts, rants, and experiences.

3] How old is your Blog?

I started WordPress Jan 1st 2018 so my blog is only a year old.

4] Why did you feel the need to start an actual blog? 

I have always been that kid that wrote in her Diary and as I got older I wanted other people to see what I was writing. My favorite thing is going back and finding something that I wrote years ago, just to see how much I’ve grown.

5] What age were you when you first started to write? 

The furthest back I can remember is when I was writing a book at eight years old.

6] Was it a natural process or did something or someone inspires you to put your first thoughts to paper?

It was a natural process. It is weird because I didn’t get into reading till a few months ago. Now it just seems like when I read I later want to write as well.

7] Would you say that your creativity flows easily or do you need to be motivated by an event or a moment in your life to trigger it?

I need a trigger for sure, something to look, hear, or read.

8] How frequent or prolific are you with your writing and blogging?

Sadly I think I go too long without a post making it online. Maybe every other week one post makes it.

9] Is it just WordPress that your writing is displayed or other platforms as well?

WordPress and only. Writing is fun for me and I don’t do it enough yet to link to other networks.

10] Do you use social media to advertise and market your blog? If so which ones and how effective is it/are they?

No thinking about it but haven’t created anything special yet.

11] Writers block we all get it at one point or another – if you do suffer from it, how do you tackle the problem?

Don’t judge but I type a random word or words into Google and scroll till I find something to talk about.  It’s like being on Facebook and being on one person’s page then before you know it you are 8 pages away from where you originally started.  HAHA or is that just me?

12] Which is your preferred writing/creative style?

Not sure

13] What is the best thing about blogging in your eyes?

Going back and seeing my page growing with all my completed work.

14] What prompts you to write about a topic on the day that you post?

I am so random it’s unreal. I could be walking, see a puppy and be like l’m going to talk about my puppy. Note to self I should post about my fur baby!

15] What advice would you award new bloggers to help and encourage them promote their blog and engage with their audience?

Everyone here is a writer in way or another and likes to talk so talk. Respond back to your reads, challenge them in a playful way that makes them want to come back.

16] Do you have an overall blogging strategy or simply write because you enjoy writing?

Enjoy IT!!!

17] Do you feel it is important to have an engaging audience to the content that you write? 

Yes, because I want to become a better writer. Sometimes I lose track of what I was saying or the point I was making.

18] If no one ever commented on your blog would this concern you, and if so how would you rectify the situation? 

I found that if I go comment on other people’s post then they are more likely to engage with me as well. When I go without commenting on anyone’s new post after a while no one comments on anything for me. It has concerned me before when I was using so I switched to a host with me traffic. There has to be at least one person in the world that we connect with while writing. All it takes is one.

19] How long from start to finish would/can your content take you to complete? 

I can complete an entry in a hour at the fastest. It really depends on how creative or how big I’m trying to make a project. I started the 7 deadliest sins almost 2 years ago and still haven’t finished.

20] Which do you think are your best 3 posts to date?

Please link below so that our readers can see your style and take a step into your world.

(Sloppy Seconds)

(Because of You)


21] Finally, what advice would you offer new writers to the blogging community? 

Do not do it for the “likes”, write what you enjoy so It doesn’t become work.


My thanks for taking the time out to answer the Truly Inspired questionnaire go to Charlene as well as thanks for wishing to participate in the series itself. Each time we interview another blogger, we see not the blogger and their blog, but another valuable member of our community.

Charlene advice is simple yet effective and true – don’t write for the sake of likes alone, write always for you, from your heart and your passions, and remember this is for you, don’t make it a chore in such a way that it becomes work.

If you are as of yet, not aware or familiar with Charlene’s blog – Curiosity & Confession, then do please pop along after reading her interview here and say hi.


So what inspired YOU to start your blog?

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