Our Captives Cease To Exist!


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March 7th 2017

Our Captives Cease To Exist!

Blood Splatter

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Vince was found dead by staff at Thoiry zoo in France on Tuesday morning.

Rhino shot dead by poachers at French zoo March 7th 2017

The body of Vince a four year old white rhinoceros was found shot dead with his horn removed with a chainsaw – another cruel disgusting act of poaching – not dissimilar to the many deplorable stories that we read about in the news in this world of ours. But Vince’s barbaric murder is different – for this beautiful animal was found slaughtered in his own sanctuary at the Thoiry Zoo near Paris, France.

Shot three times in his head and one horn removed whilst his second horn was partially hacked off – two other rhinos in the enclosure were unharmed – suggesting the poachers had run out of time to carry out more of this heinous crime.

To say it saddens me is an understatement – it sickens and disgusts me on so many levels. This magnificent animal should have been safe but instead found himself the victim of a brutal home invasion which resulted in his death.

It is bad enough to read of the killings and illegal massacres of our planets species almost daily in their natural habitat but to read of this butchery in a supposedly secure conservation environment is unthinkable – in simple terms it really means that NONE of the species are safe from extermination from greed driven and hate filled annihilators!

There is always the controversy that Zoos are wrong – that the species should be left in their natural habitat and we should protect and safeguard their futures and l agree, but if we are to stand a chance to build up numbers of certain species then conservation projects are also an absolute necessity. Of course not all animal collections can be kept nor should be kept in captivity – but we do need to DO something to preserve what was once.

Vince’s death is thought to be the first of its kind in Europe – a protected animal destroyed in its safe haven in captivity. I shudder at the prospect of what this could mean for other game parks and zoos and have to question at just how far the potentiality of this could go?


How safe are our protected captives really?

Vince was shot dead, brutally murdered, and slaughtered in his own environment despite the zoo’s security protection and on site staff? Verifying that absolutely nowhere is safe from this type of determined attack.

We only have to go back to 2016 and remember the very sad death of Harambe in the Cincinnati zoo, or the two lions in Santiago or even the African Painted Dog incident in 2012 – sure all different incidents and yet the one constant was human encounters gone wrong.

In January 2017 in the Tsavo East National Park in Kenya, “Satao II” – one of the last tusker elephants was found dead, killed by poachers using a poisoned arrow – another equally disturbing and upsetting episode in the history of our earth.



More recently l read an article in the paper titled “Toppled to turn into Trinkets”

Which talked of how poachers are now toppling the graceful giraffes and have been decimating the population, once a thriving population numbering 157,000 as little back as thirty years to the later 80’s and now numbering around 97,000. So roughly 60,000 giraffes have been butchered for more of man kind’s greed and lust for profit  .. which is never ending!

Mankind is hunting everything into extinction via poaching or trophy/sport hunting, medical necessity, technological progression, suburbanisation or tourist entertainments and let’s not forget the supposed aphrodisiacal consumers whose appetite is forever insatiable!

“If there are 100,000,000 different species on earth – with an extinction rate of 0.01% every year – then at least 10,000 species go extinct every year!’

As in totally gone, not just popped out for a generation or two – no, completely and utterly wiped from the planet – they cease to exist!

Primates, rhinoceros, giraffes, turtles, elephants, tigers, dolphins, alligators, lions, snow leopards and pangolins, sharks, eagles and cranes to name just a few all face extinction because of man – the biggest of all the predators!

Whilst nature has her own ability to ‘clean up shop’ if you wish the biodiversity crisis is manmade and not just an ecological sleight. The natural extinction rate was much slower back in the days of the Dodo and the Tyrannosaurus whom were expunged through a geological mass extinction and not one spurred on by human desires!

No, man is ultimately and totally responsible for our own destruction and sadly theirs too!

Until the senseless killings stop and our world unites in one agreement for global conservation tomorrow’s children’s children as adults will never know who Vince, or Harambe, or Cecil or even Saito II were – or worse what they were.

Trust me when l say that is sooner than you may think!

Images courtesy Pixabay Images, and Study.com


Blood Splatter2

Classic Eggshell Moments

7 thoughts on “Our Captives Cease To Exist!

  1. This kind of killing must be happening to meet a market demand, and it truly boggles my mind that anyone would want to purchase a product made from a violently killed endangered animal.

    1. Ditto Ashley, l am continually saddened to hear of such things. I read recently an article in the newspaper that the story was entitled this is “What extinction looks like”.

      It talked of the death of Sudan in captivity – the last of the worlds’ Northern White Rhino’s. it saddens me that so many of our species no longer exist.

      The dinosaurs died off – it was Nature cleaning shop, but since that natural course – the rise of man has meant nothing more than the decline of everything else since.

  2. It’s disgusting and extremely arrogant. Of every species on Earth, animal or vegetable, ONLY humans could go extinct and cause zero negative effect.

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