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Dedicated to Cyranny of Cyranny’s Cove

AC/DC are an Australian rock band formed in Sydney in 1973 by Scottish-born brothers Malcolm and Angus Young. Their music has been variously described as hard rock, blues rock, and heavy metal. However, the band themselves describe their music as simply “rock and roll”.


AC/DC Top 7 Hits

You Shook Me All Night Long – 1980

Hells Bells – 1980

Shoot To Thrill – 1980

Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution – 1980

Heatseeker – 1988

The House is on Fire – 1983

Guns for Hire – 1983





Scorpions are a German rock band formed in 1965 in Hanover by Rudolf Schenker.Since the band’s inception, its musical style has ranged from hard rock to heavy metal.The lineup from 1978–1992 was the most successful incarnation of the group, and included Klaus Meine (vocals), Rudolf Schenker (rhythm guitar), Matthias Jabs (lead guitar), Francis Buchholz (bass guitar), and Herman Rarebell (drums). The band’s only constant member has been Schenker, although Meine has been the lead singer for all of Scorpions’ studio albums, while Jabs has been a consistent member since 1979, and bassist Paweł Mąciwoda and drummer Mikkey Dee have been in the band since 2003 and 2016 respectively


Scorpions Top 7 Hits

The Zoo – 1980

Still Loving You – 1984

No One Like You – 1982

Rock You Like A Hurricane – 1984

Big City Lights – 1984

I Can’t Explain – 1988

Love on The Run – 1988

So there we go folks – AC/Dc & Scorpions – Top 7– what were your favourites?

TOTW Bumper Weekend .. who are your favourite Bands??


5 thoughts on “Theme Times – Bumper Weekend –Scorpions and AC/DC

    1. Be my guest Cyranny 🙂

      A normal TOTW would usually cover anywhere between 12 – 18 tracks, but they take roughly an hour to put together and they also take into consideration the tracks from all eras, these are smaller – only concentrating from 1980 – 1989 and only hold 7 tracks a piece, It’s sometimes hard to know which are the best tracks to select and even harder if you don’t follow the bands.

      Whilst l knew/know of AC/DC and l am okay with them, l only know a couple of their hits, but l hadn’t heard of Scorpions so l was at a loss – but glad you liked it and thanks for the extra links – sometime later this year all the bands mentioned this weekend will be slotted in for a much fuller TOTW episode, so l will make sure to add these 4 tracks in each 🙂

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