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4th May 2018

They Call It Traditional Art …

…. I Call It Bullshit!

Bull Fighting

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It’s staggering at times, how we can in one breath class mankind as civilised and yet in the same breath almost we are continually barbaric and most assuredly slaughterous as nations. I don’t know why l am still surprised and upset at some of the horrific and degrading shit we have in our world with regards animals, l guess it’s because l care so deeply for animals themselves – l have never denied l care for animals more than human beings.

We are so incredibly and remarkably backwards in our progressions that at times, l honestly feel ashamed to be considered human! A bit over dramatic perhaps for sensitive eyes? If that is how you feel, then don’t read on, and scroll past this design, but don’t ignore the reality of the messages!

Stupidity is not a lack of intelligence as far as the naïve are concerned, it is a blatant standard of ignorance, arrogance, apathy and complacency and a complete and utter selfish behaviour as far as animals are concerned.

Here we are in 2019, and one of the most vicious ‘traditional’ blood sports is still very alive and activeand in some respects is still very popular, and yet having said that like ‘fox hunting’ here in the UK. There are changes afoot in Span: of the 17 Spanish regions two have banned ‘bullfighting’ so things are changing – many Spanish as an example cannot identify with this barbaric sport and want to see it gone forver, but they fight a battle against tradition.

This ‘sport’ should have been stopped, banned and outlawed years ago alongside other unnecessary cruel bloodletting activities – and yet thousands upon thousands of people still pay money to attend the murder of a single defenceless animal and derive immense pleasure from it!

I am baffled as to how very low some people stoop to garner satisfaction from the slow hacking to death of a harmless animal? In many way it is not too dissimilar to badger baiting and of the notorious fox hunting!

For the novice ‘Spanish Bullfighting’ is advertised as a glamorous cultural delight for all those who attend this one sided gladiatorial combat between man and beast. It is heralded as a ‘gallant display’ between a ‘brave matador’ and a ferocious beast hell bent on the single death and destruction of our hero in shining colourfully vibrant silks!

Some foolhardy tourists holidaying in Spain might well feel obliged to visiting one of these events, but only the most seriously callous individuals will ever return to this blood bath. I am 55 and l attended one unknowingly many years ago as a teenager on holiday with my family – and it sickened me and made me cry – so desperately saddened was l by this that l alongside my family walked out in disgust. For forty odd years l have detested this so called ‘delightful pleasure’ that the Spanish consider a tradition.

What a lot of people don’t understand is what the ‘so called ferocious beast’ must endure to make an easy win for a matador. We have all seen in the media matador deaths and oh how woeful it is that a brave sportsman has died – so horribly gored …

I don’t like to hear of anyone dying, but we mustn’t forget that these poor animals are subjected to absolute torturous horrors long before they have entered the arena for the so called gallant combat!

Let’s clarify something first and foremost – the bull – the ferocious beast – is actually in its natural surroundings a very peaceable creature. It’s a herd animal and protective of other cattle, it is a social animal – it becomes aggressive and hostile if provoked or antagonised – no different to many of us really in comparison ..

What those watching see usually is a weakened pain ridden animal …

The realities of the ‘ferocious beast’ are:

• Wet Newspaper pushed into the ear drums
• Vaseline rubbed into the eyes to blur vision
• Nostril are blocked by cotton wool to restrict body functions
• Genitals mutilated
• Horns shaved to expose nerves
• Caustic solutions spread over the legs to upset balance
• Drugged up to the eyeballs
• Laxatives to slow him down and hinder him further
• Kept in a darkened box to disorientate him
• Jeering mobs and humiliating matadors

This behaviour is considered cruel if carried out on human beings and yet is perfectly acceptable in Spain on the bulls???

If the bull is still standing and hasn’t collapsed through the preparation ordeal, then he has this to look forward to …

Herded around the arena by men on horseback armed with razor sharp lances
• The mounted picadors rip open his neck with the lances and the bull starts to bleed to death – slowly.
• Next up are the Assistant Matadors who then puncture the bulls body with sharp barbed banderillas.
• Consider the bull seriously injured, humiliated, taunted and painfully dying.

This piteously injured, bleeding animal is then killed by the matador, the hero of the shiny silken threads, with his cape and sword, but sadly for the animal a swift death with a sword strike and thrust is not always guaranteed and the matador may make several attempts to sever the artery near the heart allowing the poor animal to die with no grace or dignity.

The ineptness of the matadors ‘thrusting sword usually means the bulls lungs and heart are punctured and the animal is in the most extreme of pain. If the bull is lucky he dies before further mutilations are performed such as the removal of the ears and the tail, and he is dragged around the arena by mules in a grisly celebration of his dying death.

The crowds often boo and jeer and throw further taunts at this dying animal, and soon he will be dragged off the arena to be skinned, but sadly many a time the bull is still Not dead when this happens either.

For the record, hundreds of horses are often gored and seriously injured by pain driven bulls, and it is not unknown for horses to die equally brutal deaths as the bulls.

I was around 12 when l saw the arena, my first and last bullfight, l sobbed for two days afterwards – the cruelty displayed by these ‘so called heroes’ is beyond your wildest nightmares, and whilst many a time defence arguments are thrown into the affray, there is no defence for this barbarism.

This IS NOT an art form, this is cruelty … this is NOT a glamorous honoured sport – Bullfighting is heinous bullshit at its worst – let’s not pretend it is anything more righteous than that!

Up to 200,000+ Bulls can die each year … each year, 200,000+ bulls are subjected to this level of cruelty?

Animal Cruelty is NOT Entertainment!

What Can You Do?

• Don’t Attend Bullfights
• Don’t Attend Bull Running Festivals
• Join An Organisation Against Bullfighting to Pledge Your Support
• Tell Everyone You Can To NOT Support Bullfighting
• Fight Towards A Worldwide Ban Of Bullfighting

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  1. Oh my. I stay far away from such matters. Hard to read this post. If i was not in a terrible mood, which i was, i would certainly be beyond depressed. 💔🤕 time to retreat to my dream world. Need a break from all this pain we inflict upon each other.

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