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Roxy Music were an English rock band formed in 1970 by Bryan Ferry, who became the band’s lead vocalist and chief songwriter, and bassist Graham Simpson. Alongside Ferry, the other longtime members were Phil Manzanera (guitar), Andy Mackay (saxophone and oboe) and Paul Thompson (drums and percussion). Other members included Brian Eno (synthesizer and “treatments”), Eddie Jobson (synthesizer and violin), and John Gustafson (bass). Although the band took a break from group activities in 1976 and again in 1983, they reunited for a concert tour in 2001, and toured together intermittently between that time and their break-up in 2011. Ferry frequently enlisted members of Roxy Music as session musicians for his solo releases.


Roxy Music Top 7 Hits

Over You – 1980

Avalon – 1982

More Than This – 1982

Oh Yeah – 1980

Same Old Scene – 1980

Take A Chance With Me – 1982

To Turn You On – 1982

Not the broadest selection sadly for Roxy as they were principally active between 1972 – 1982  with the main bulk of their music – Like a Hurricane was released in 1990 and the classic Jealous Guy and l offer those two now, but we will catch up with Roxy Music again when we do a Bumper Weekend for The Seventies and have some cool tunes like Angel Eyes!

So there we go folks – Roxy Music – Top 7+ [2] – what were your favourites?

TOTW Bumper Weekend .. who are your favourite Bands??




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