Random Quotes 289#



Talk about confusing – go figure this if you can … right;

They say that ‘continent’ is a mainland as opposed to say islands, so if you are visiting that continent, you’re there right? In essence you are in-continent…

But if you are incontinent – it basically means you are having problems getting there and controlling it ..

So how is it, if you are in-continent – you are experiencing no problems, yet the moment you get there and you are incontinent ….. – you know what my advice is?

Yeah, don’t travel!

I know, confusing right?

Tell me about it!


“If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention.”

Tom Peters

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        1. On a side note, another photo of my Father’s and to hazard a guess l would say they are the tops of an Orthodox Church .. my Dad was in Russia, so that’s what my guess would be 🙂

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