QQ: How many … ?



QQ: How many posts do you write in a month and how many did you write for the year 2018?


For 2018, l wrote and published 2630 posts , and so far this year l have written 1770 , which roughly awards me an average of just under 450 [15. per day] a month in comparison to last year’s figure of 219 per month [7.3 per day], which is by all accounts a lot of words!

Were you consistent with your post production throughout the year or do you find that you have certain months where you simply don’t write anything? Are there more favourable months for you to write more or less?

I know some writers who find that their post production drops in the winter months over say their writing and creation of posts during the summer or warmer months. Is your writing reflective to seasons, or time and comitments or what?

So quite a few questions, but principally how many posts do you write on average monthly?

Let me know below in the comments section – cheers.




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  1. Wow, that truly is a lot of words! With the odd exception here and there, I’ve been a consistent post a day blogger for the past year and a bit.

      1. Sometimes I’ll do a second or a third post if I’m responding to questions or challenges from other bloggers, or reblogging someone else’s post.

  2. Right now, I have the Three Things every night at 10pm and the annoying April alphabet post at 4am. Sunday and Monday there’s a music post. Usually the other days have something or other, like one-line Wednesday. Then I like to do one of Teresa’s challenges and maybe a mashup of prompts as a story or poem, but often I don’t have time for all that. Occasionally I might blurt out a little personal story, though not often these days. So… 2-4 posts per day. This is a huge increase for me in 2018-2019. Prior to that I did maybe a post every other day on average. My total number of posts since 2010 is only a bit over 1200, though I have deleted about 500.

  3. I wrote 1,644 posts in 2018 (an average of 4.5 a day) and, so far this year I’ve posted 548 times, which is an average of 5.1 a day. I try to be consistent, although depending upon what’s going on in my real life, I sometimes only manage 2-3 posts in a day, while other days I can pump out 6 or occasionally even 7. So it’s more about time commitments than the season.

    1. Thanks for the insight Fandango, l wrote this post originally around 2.30am this morning, as a new question, to the series and l was a little astonished and had initially thought it [the figures] included reblogs/shared content and after a bit of research, l found out, that every new day the previous figures settle down, and the actual factual number is displayed and the reblogs and the shared contents are extracted.

      So in truth last year l wrote 7.3 per day, and now l am on about 15 of original content, but shared content figures are quite high.

      Your figures are a good solid routine, thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

  4. Okay, a nice steady increase:
    2016 = 1074
    2017 = 2472
    2018 = 3,158
    2019 = 1,510 (so far)

    I suck at math, so I have no idea how many posts that averages out to, maybe you can figure it out if you want. If you do, share. I wonder about that..

    1. Hey Melanie, quite a heavy figure like me then, your current figure average for this year to date is 12.5 per day, for 2018 you were writing 8.6 per day average, 2017 6.7 and for 2016 you were at 2.9 per day.:)

      I started my blog in September 2017 and l wrote a total of 18 posts 🙂

      So great figures and many thanks 🙂

  5. 42 posts last year, I got more into blogging later on in the year. I’ve been posting more in 2019 and I try to post at least once a week. My writing depends on time constraints.

  6. Dang! Rory… That’s quite a bit of writing my friend!
    Since I started my blog on Sept 2, 2016, I have written 2483 posts. So on average 827 per year. 2018 was overall my best year, even though I fell off the planet due to a depressive episode between Sept-Dec.

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