Dear Blog … 17.35 – 20/04/19

‘Brain Cavity Leakage Problem!!”

For Suze, l think the problem began a couple of weeks ago – she started to complain of a sore throat and a tickling sensation in her throat at the same time, not long after that, say perhaps three days, she developed a small cough, you know those irritating coughs, not a full cough but a clear the throat cough – that sort.

Being prone to throat problems and the occasional bout of laryngitis, she has become a veteran in ensuring that these things do not strike her, so she ups her vitamins, and more herbal remedy sprays appear, more hot water, lemon and honey is taken, more just hot water is drunk.

However irrelevant to what she did, and no matter how many times l advised her to go to the doctors she declined and said it would clear up. She wasn’t worried, although still the tickling cough persisted … until about a week ago, when she said there was something leaking down the back of her throat. I asked what she thought it was, she just answered with ‘some kind of mucus!’ “I don’t know what it is, but it’s just nasty!”

Well okay then l said, my advice is to go to the doctors, something which had l already been saying umpteen times already to the point of sounding like a broken record>

But did she take heed of my advice?  No of course not!!

Suze is real clever at advising others to seek medical attention, but becomes a stubborn mule when others try to advise her ..

It was all the same tickling throat, small coughing, soreness and now mucus up until last Thursday when getting back from work she suddenly declared “l read something today on the Internet and l think l have it!!”

“Okay, so what is that then?”

“This mucus l think is a brain cavity leak!”

Well you know folks, there are times when some people say something and you suddenly just stop what you are doing and say “WTF??” This was one of those times. “What do you mean ‘brain cavity leak?”

“Exactly as it sounds, l think my brain is leaking and is running down the back of my throat! It can happen you know, l read it and so therefore, it must be true!” she said with a smile on her face.

“Oh right, you are trying to see if l respond to that literally eh?”

“Well l nearly had you, l could see your own brain ticking this over.”

“No. What you saw and mistook as incredulousness and confusion, was me actually thinking, you’ve lost the plot actually.”

Conversation dropped and so we started making dinner, however all the through the rest of the night, tickling throat,  clearing cough, sore throat and mucus continued, until l could take no more of potential life threatening brain cavity leaks and got up , looked at her and said “Has this been going on since the pollen bomb count has been strong?”

“Um, maybe why?”

“Well do you not … think … that is might just be some kind of allergic reaction with the pollen??

“Well it might be, why do you think that’s what it is then?”

“I think there is a higher chance of it being pollen than l do that your brain is leaking darling, yes.”

So off we both went to the Internet and put in the search bar “Allergy symptoms mucus.”

Lo and behold, what comes back? Post nasal drip … ” is when excess mucus – whether it’s a watery or sticky discharge – drips from the back of the nose into the upper part of the throat known as the nasopharynx, it is referred to as postnasal drip.”

“That’s it, that’s it exactly!!” Suze articulated with waggling hands.

“Golly, ya think? So, no longer ‘Brain Cavity Leakage‘ then?

“Oh don’t be silly, l never believed that for one minute and before you say it, no l don’t need some silly doctor telling me there is nothing wrong with me!”

To think, people call me the creator of ‘confusion!’

Dear Blog ……


13 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 17.35 – 20/04/19

    1. Yes, l said this to her also. I think the biggest problem we have here in UK also and especially where we live in Kent, is that it’s way easier to say see a doctor than actually see one. Currently if l was to ring up for an appointment there is a month wait to actually see one – it’s the most ridiculous thing going – you’ll either be better if it’s nothing serious ot dead if it is.

              1. I don’t think the UK could afford an overhaul Sadje – it has had to many drains on its finances and too many have abused it for too long, increasing populations means even more demand on limited resources.

                The way l feel politically at present towards our governments who can’t even get this damn Brexit deal sorted out, and yet despite pledges made to the NHS it’s still in a mess, which could take years to resolve. We have so many issues in Britian at present, that the whole country is breaking down if not broken.

                I have completely and utterly lost all faith in the government here, that next time around l am voting green – rather vote for tree hugging conservationalists that supposed intelligent people that would not know how to organise a piss up in a brewery let alone a fight out of a brown paper bag.

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