Dear Blog … 15.42 – 19/04/19

Compromising Positions!!

I was – and get ready folks – as this is NOT something l write very often, so few times do l write this word, some of you may even want to get yourself a screen capture …. BUT l was ‘excited’ about today and the events  that it contained, BUT and double BUT so you know a classic BUT BUTT l knew l would experience pain … yeah yeah l know – that at times in order to glean pleasure there is an element of pain, and yes there is that kinky side to me that appreciates that, but this post isn’t about my fetishes, but about my excitement!

What was l so excited about?

Well as you know my shoulder has been an issue with me since January 2018 and here we are in April 2019 so that is what, fifteen months now?  Of course l was still able to work my shoulder [although l shouldn’t have apparently, but who knew?] till May of last year when it finally collapsed, so it’s been 11 months of no movements of a certain kind – writing is still passable, but always ‘keep your elbow on the top of your desk and never have it more than 6″” away from your chest even when sitting. To not lift the albow as this places strain on the breakage in the shoulder itself – so it’s pretty limiting and always bloody painful, but over the last few months l have learned to work both with it and around it.

I can write even with the pain because they class writing as a downward move – meaning it doesn’t place an unnecessary strain on the shoulder and the acromion. But l have to take many short breaks now to avoid  it causing me agony.

So the very last time l worked my compost heap was actually February 2018 which is now 14 months ago, so imagine my excitement when Suze said we needed more compost!? Except, l wasn’t allowed to do any of the digging, l was there to supervise only, but she said l could do bits!

Sadly l couldn’t do any composting bits, l mean sure l supervised, and l helped where l was able and yes on a couple occasions to much telling off from my lovely one, l did sadly overstretch my arm/shoulder past the 6″ requirement, but hey .. no pain no gain as they say! Sadly for me … no pain no gain is bollocks for me, it is pain, pain and more pain! But l knew l was going to experience some pain!

But l did manage to shred some sticks up for garden mulch and l was thrilled at that, l did manage to take photos of Suze in some compromising positions which is also fun, and l did see with some glee that my compost heap is all okay. I will be doing a post on all of that later anyway, but the excellent news is that my compost heap is probably going to yield us 2-3 ton of compost – yay!

The worms were great, so rich and happy – yes l know it is usually the small things which please me!

Also later, l will have to tell you about last nights conversation with Suze, when she suddenly declared that she had a ‘Brain Cavity Leakage Problem!!”

All good stuff here you know?

Dear Blog ……

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  1. I feel your pain, so to speak, especially in my left elbow and right shoulder, but not as deeply as you do. Physical therapy helped some, but the pain has returned. 😔

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