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1] Blog Name:

Single Parent Life

2] What is your blog’s specific genre?

Single parents, parents who are raising their kids without that “village” to help them.

3] How old is your Blog?

About 7.5 years

4] What age were you when you first started to write?

I grew up writing I have notebooks full of writings I did throughout jr high and high school. It was just a way for me to vent and get things out.

5] Why did you feel the need to start an actual blog?

I had become very isolated toward the end of my marriage with all the abuse and things that was going on. I wanted a place that I could connect with others going through the same kinds of things and just get things out that maybe I wouldn’t want people I know in real life to know about me.

6] Was it a natural process or did something or someone inspire you to put your first thoughts to paper?

I am not sure how I got into writing when I was younger or why I did. My blog just seemed like the next step from there when I decided I needed to just get things out and didn’t wat to go back to pen and paper and wanted to connect with others as well.

7] Would you say that your creativity flows easily, or do you need to be motivated by an event or a moment in your life to trigger it?

I have to have a moment or event to write about or just random thoughts that pop into my head. That could be scary at times.

8] How frequent or prolific are you with your writing and blogging?

Sometimes I write everyday a ton of post other times I might write a post here and there. It just depends what is going on and how I feel.

9] Is it just WordPress that your writing is displayed or other platforms as well?

Right now, I am just on WordPress, maybe if I grow my blog and get more followers, I will expand but for now I am good.

10] Do you use social media to advertise and market your blog? If so which ones and how effective is it/are they?

I do have a Twitter I am just starting to be more active on. Come follow me @its_supermom  I can’t say how effective it is because for years I was not active on there, the only thing that was ever there was when I made a new blog post. I would like to get a Facebook page but have not taken the time to do it yet. I figure I will see how this Twitter thing goes and how well I keep up with it first.

11] Writers block we all get it at one point or another – if you do suffer from it, how do you tackle the problem?

This isn’t a problem since I write about things that are going on in life with me or someone I know or something I see going on around me.

13] What is the best thing about blogging in your eyes?

Being able to connect with people all over the place that you may other wise never get the chance to interact with other wise. Being able to be there and support others and have support from others even though you don’t know each other.

14] What prompts you to write about a topic on the day that you post?

I try to post about things as they are happening or happen because if I don’t, I will forget or just get busy and not post. Sometimes I am just to busy and don’t get a chance to post about whatever it is, then I post as soon as I get a chance to.

15] What advice would you award new bloggers to help and encourage them promote their blog and engage with their audience?

Not sure I am the best at giving this advice seeing as I have not done too good of a job doing that myself and am trying to figure out how to do better at it myself.

16] Do you have an overall blogging strategy or simply write because you enjoy writing?

I simply write because I enjoy it and need to vent or just get everything out. I find that when something is on my mind writing it out puts things into a better perspective. Some things I just share to share because it is about life and being a parent and I feel the good, bad, ugly and the often shunned or not popular topics should be talked about. Because a lot of times we do things that maybe we shouldn’t have or wish we hadn’t and if we talk to friends or family about it, they are going to judge us and make us feel worse about it. We shouldn’t be beat up over things. We are human we make mistakes and if we know that and try to do better and fix it is all that matters. We shouldn’t’ feel that we are alone in doing something.

17] Do you feel it is important to have an engaging audience to the content that you write?

I would like to have a more engaged audience and that is what I am working on now. I wanted to build my blog when I started it but then life happened, and I feel that now I am in a better spot and able to do it now.

18] If no one ever commented on your blog would this concern you, and if so, how would you rectify the situation?

I don’t get a lot of comments on my post and I am trying to figure out how to rectify that. I think because I don’t have a lot of followers that as I build it and get more followers the comments and things will come. All though I have a lot of likes, so maybe that isn’t the problem.

19] How long from start to finish would/can your content take you to complete?

It probably takes me 15 or 20 minutes to write a post if I have no interruptions and I’m not half a sleep.

20] Which do you think are your best 3 posts to date? Please link below so that our readers can see your style and take a step into your world.

I Let Go Of The Baggage

Know Your Worth And Do Not Setlle For Less

Never Gets Better

21] Finally, what advice would you offer new writers to the blogging community?

Just write for you, don’t worry about promoting and all that, it will come in time. Don’t stress yourself out worrying about all that and lose sight of why you are blogging. I jumped in wanting to do all kinds of things with my blog. I found I didn’t mess with it much because it seemed like just something else on my plate to figure out. When I started just writing and not worrying about if I had followers or how many or doing any of the other things, I wanted to do with it, I enjoyed it more. Followers will come and you have time to grow it and get them and branch off and do other things with it. Get yourself set up get yourself a routine and used to having a blog first. Make sure you like doing it as well.


My thanks to Single Parent Life for taking the time to out answer the questions for the Truly Inspired series. If you are as of yet not aware of J’s blog then my advice is to not dilly dally but to pop over for a vist and check out her posts, but above everything to stop by and say hello, howdy and hi!

J’s advice for new bloggers is very sound – to write for you firstly and formost, to not stress yourself out and to find yourself and your particular style and writing behaviour – but everything to NOT lose sight of who you are.


So what inspired YOU to start your blog?

J of Single Parent Life  is our 66th Interview will you be our 67th?

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It is simple – email me at the above Addy or drop me a line in my contact box and l will email you the questionnaire. Fill it in, send it back , and include images that you feel may support what you write, or about your blog, and l will write it up as a post and insert it into the series.

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