QQ: What Are 3 Good Things About Your …?



QQ: What Are 3 Good Things About Your Blog?

One of the things l have noticed in my travels is that some writers/creators almost seem reticent or shy about ptomoting their blogs, of course on the other side of that coin we have as many writers who are not shy at all, and will blow their own trumpets. I don’t think that is a bad idea, after all, we all want more readerships, more interaction, more engagement don’t we? Otherwise our blogs will shrivel up , wilt and die, and that CANNOT happen!

When l try to think of three things that are good about my blog, l have to sit down and think, what benefits do my readers receive from not just my blog, but me as the writer and host?

Well, l have said this recently to a couple of people – but l tend to look at my blog as being a magazine that sits on a bench somewhere, nowhere particular and it lays there for readers to come along and pick it up, like, comment, share and or maybe just discard. So if that is going to happen, then l need to ensure that l have more readers pick me up, and stay longer and want to read more … so l have to be diverse in my topic range.

My three things, and l stand here waiting to be shot down if needs be by those who may disagree with my three choices, however l believe three good things about my blog are:

Topic Diversity and Reading Choice

Entertainment and Fun

Making a Difference to People’s Day

So there are mine, of course l suppose l could list a top five or even a seven, but for the sake of a quick read, three is ample – so what do you think are the three main benefits to your blog in the eyes of your readership?

Some people balk at this question and say thing like my ‘readership’ can let you know – ask them.  Well l am not asking them, l am asking you. You wouldn’t say during an interview when asked to sell yourself – ask my friends, would you?

Let me know below in the comments section – cheers, Rory

35 thoughts on “QQ: What Are 3 Good Things About Your …?

  1. Three Good Things About My Blog: 1) It’s a distraction. That’s sorely needed just at this particular time. 2) I learn stuff. About other countries and cultures, and even stuff about Utah! 3) Great support system!

  2. Mine are spreading awareness of mental illnesses that are widely misunderstood, talking about the process of going through psychotherapy, good range of topics discussed, and if I may add a fourth, fun!

  3. 1. Humor to make people smile.
    2. Gatsby cuteness to make people squee.
    3. Angsty poetry and dating horror stories warning people away from romantic entanglements which may save their lives cuz you never know if that next pretty/handsome face could be an AXE MURDERER!!!!!

  4. A great question. Will be answering it in a separate post on my blog. Hopefully the ping back will work.

  5. My intention is to help stay at home moms 1) commit to regular self love/ self care 2) live healthy on a single income and 3) create mom/ kid routines that regain control of their daily lives/ sanity. I don’t know how good I am at it yet, but it’s a work in progress. Lol

      1. I am doing well today, thanks Rory. I enjoy a prompt that makes me think of things that I should do with more intention, so I believe the thanks belongs to you here sir.

  6. 1) Open and honest accounts of my journey
    2) Allows people to see that it’s okay to struggle and that no one is alone in their pain
    3) Offering encouragement amidst hard times

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