QQ: Do you, and if you do … how much?



QQ: Do you, and if you do … how much?


Okay, how much planning goes into your blog on a daily, weekly and monthly basis? How much time do you spend inside the virtual world that is your blog?

Are you addicted to your blog – in so far determined to make it work – to be successful, or is it only and just a hobby and so detailed planning, strategy, patterns and routines are not your thing, and you mostly get up, log in and throw stuff into and at it for x amount of time during the day?

Me, well at my own concession l am quite addicted to my writing and my inserting of posts, therefore l am addicted to blogging. I do have a long range strategy, as l do wish to make money online with a business so l need all the practice l can get [that’s my excuse anyway]. Panic not, l am not going to turn into a salesman in my blog, that’s not my scene, hence why l don’t have annoying adverts in my blog space.

As to how long?

Well l guess l am online throughout the day for roughly 19 hours, on a range of different tasks be this research, writing and other activities with writing and or blogging.

So how much of that is dedicated to my blog? Mm, well that’s the bigger question isn’t it?

I have a strategy for running and maintaining my blog, it is time based. I do a lot of PDated posts for the next day, and that time frame is around 12 hours coverage from midnight 55 to midday 55.

I use the time to plan ahead for the weeks worth of blogging. I have an Excel spreadsheet which l use, not to its fullest capacity but it keeps me up to speed on all the series l run and when they were last posted to.

So l think in all fairness with everything taken into consideration, my ‘work time’ if you wish as whilst blogging is NOT a full time job, it is a very active hobby leading to a much fuller online presence with a business in the future, luckily l enjoy it, so even if it was a full time it wouldn’t bother me. The moment you don’t enjoy your work, is the moment  you should stop. However that aside my working time in blog is from about 10am – 10pm, although l have now managed to secure 24 hour coverage on my time zones with fresh content, reblogs and shares.

So actively on the blog and offline is roughly about 15 hours.

But that is just me, how about you?

Let me know below in the comments section – thanks Rory

46 thoughts on “QQ: Do you, and if you do … how much?

  1. I plan for maximum of 2-3 days ahead. I love blogging and try to do around 3-4 posts per day. But don’t plan for weeks ahead.

  2. Planning makes things easier for me. Most of my posts ares scheduled 2-3 weeks ahead of time. This works because I can hop around amongst the various writing projects I’m working on without putting pressure on myself to write for the blog every day. I try to stay on top of basic maintenance tasks as I got along, but every month or two I’ll do a big housekeeping blitz to clean up all my links and directories and such things.

  3. I hate to say it, but I am very unorganized and it likely shows up that way on my blog. I would like to be more organized and would like to push enough traffic to my blog to be able to review products or make some money in the future. But for now, it works for me. And I hope to be helping someone with my ramblings about my MS. What do you use your spreadsheet for? I’m eager to learn how to organize my blogging life and take it to the next level! Any and all advice is appreciated!

    1. Hey 🙂

      I run a different series through out the course of a seven day week – l think the number is roughly 30 odd assorted series, which l try to attend to with a post in the minimum once a week although some are daily series.

      The Excel sheet is for time zones and slots, so l can see when l lasted posted. I run the day in four se ctions of 6 hours a time, so at a glance l can see how many posts are in each 6 hour block.

  4. I don’t schedule anything. Most everything I do on my blog is done and published immediately as I finish it. I do the flower challenge every morning, and my fan fiction story 3 times a week, otherwise just whatever else I find interesting. Probably spend 12 hours a day, with writing mine, and reading/commenting on others. It’s all just for fun for me, and I don’t work an outside job, so I have plenty of time. I do take a break if we go somewhere for lunch, and I’ll do some laundry or something, but right back to my blog. 🙂

  5. According to my iPhone’s Screen Time tracker, I spend between 8-9 hours a day on WordPress, writing, reading, and commenting. Other than my FOWC with Fandango prompts, which I try to schedule 5-7 days in advance, everything else is spontaneous. Many of my posts are based upon the car daily prompts, which, by definition, can’t be written in advance. Others are written about the latest shenanigans of Donald Trump. And even my A to Z Challenge posts aren’t drafted until the day before. So I’m not a planner. Am I afflicted to my blog? You betcha!

  6. Except for the A-Z Challenge and “Share Your World”, I spend little time ‘planning’ my blog. I like spontaneity. And my health sometimes doesn’t lend itself well to a rigid schedule. I spend between 4-6 hours in a day ‘virtually’ and then I deliberately turn the computer off (Saturdays are an exception because of a non-blogging thing I do). I am easily addicted and somewhat compulsive, and if I don’t curtail myself? I find it’s midnight and I haven’t eaten all day, and wonder where the time went.

  7. I spend lots of time reading and writing on my blog daily but it’s unplanned and chaotic, whenever I can fit it in. I do my 3TC prompts scheduled daily for a couple weeks ahead and then forget them. The exception is this dreary A2Z thing I joined. Ughhh. Well, I am up to S now and should be finished soon!

  8. Addicted? I think so. I almost look upon it as a friend I talk or listen to everyday. If I’m too busy, which is rare for me, I miss it. Crazy, eh? : )

  9. I have never had a set routine. I have always had a lot of started posts in my drafts folder. I have an idea, I start a post, I go back to it when I have time. I tend to schedule posts one a day. Then I see various prompts and think I might be able to respond. Then there are the nominations and tags that come along. I think I am always trying to play catch up with them.

    Generally I find I have a couple of hours spare here, half an hour spare there…I try to give the blog regular attention, but I have a lot of other things to juggle, so I have less time for working on posts. But I am always having ideas, so my drafts folder is getting bigger and bigger all the time.

  10. Wow! I thought I was dedicated just because all of my free time goes into my blog (roughly 20-25 hours ea. wk.), but I’m feeling like a lightweight compared to you. I’m gonna have to quit my day job!

    1. Yes, it is a lot of time admittedly, but the long term strategy is to make an income from being online, and any new business is always time hungry, this is currently a very active hobby that l am passionate about, and like all my hobbies, l don’t do anything by halves .. Suze would say because l lack moderation, we are both right 🙂

  11. the a-z challenge is the only thing I have ever written out ahead of time and scheduled to post. I put zero effort into worrying about whether I should post something…it is completely spur of the moment.

  12. I’m a recovering alcoholic, so I found my new addiction which is my blog. I’d say, that I dedicate 70% of my day to be involved in what goes into my site, and another 50% of my time reading other bloggers.
    I have a couple of series that I do dedicate a great amount of time on, but there are times when I write off the cuff. I want to be as real and natural with my readers. I have been joining in more writing prompts lately, which is all fine and good. However, I want to dedicate more of my time to what I began this blog on. “Mental Health.” Whenever I write about mental health I plan for a week in advance because I want my blog to be credible, and share with as many people as I can of my own challenges with mental health, and the disorders.
    Awesome set of questions you provided today!

  13. My posts and artwork is usually spur of the moment. No preplanning necessary: a couple of hours start to finish.

    I start the day discouraged and thinking it’s a useless endeavor. But then something sparks my interest and I get an idea and picture concept and go for it.

  14. Hey Rory! I’m a lot like Mel in the sense that my draft folder is huge. I get the urge to write, and I devote as much free time to my blog as possible, but sometimes a day or so will pass and I don’t publish any content. I have never scheduled a post, but I’m thinking about doing that for prompts, tags, and awards, that way I can keep up with them and still pour my heart out into my writing whenever the urge strikes.

    1. Hey Kristian, that’s the true beauty of post dateds – l use that all the time now, and when l am reblogging for instance these questions, they might be RB’d 2/3 time a day over 24 hours, but when l have post dateds in the schedule and for me l make sure l have a good 12 hours worth it frees up time for me to write other stuff and not have to check in on the blog with the exception of responding to comments.

      I do most of my external visiting to blogs for a couple of hours in the evening every day, to read and enjoy what other bloggers are doing, and of course l share almost as much as l eat hot meals, so whilst l am sharing content, my post dateds are still in the background awaiting their scheduled release time – it is a marvelous bit of kit, as it means l can be ‘almost hands free’ for a set amount of time. Of course stuff still has to be written – but these questions or the interview posts have been a real blog filler with regards time and the brilliant PD tool 🙂

      1. Yes, I need to take advantage of that. Thank you for your input! I try to read other bloggers in the evening as well, and sometimes when I have down time at work (which doesn’t happen very often.)

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