Late, Late, Later Night Great Tracks!



Late, Late, Later Night Great Tracks!

The last hour of tracks whilst doing my post dated for today. Some fabulous music from the 80’s, l guess my all time favourite music period, but that’s the way isn’t it? The music that was playing in your formulating growing up years is usually the music that becomes your main genre … having said that the 80’s were absolutely awesome for many, many reasons – but it was the true birth of the way our world really started to iconise itself with style!

With music like this at our fingertips, how can you not love writing and blogging??

Love the remix!

The above track l used to get lost into the beat for hours, awesome classic track!

Bombastically brilliant to dance to!

Okay, it’s 1995 – but dayum, l said Damn, the music is awesome!! Another hard core dance remix!

Night All!

4 thoughts on “Late, Late, Later Night Great Tracks!

  1. You have an awesome line-up here, Rory! Especially, “Pump Up The Volume!” My husband used to be a DJ, and he would mix that into a lot of the song back in the ’80s.
    Have a great night Rory!! See you tomorrow!!! 😊 🎶

  2. According to your logic I’ m a smidge distinctive. I was born in 1959 and musically(and otherwise) I’m a ’60’s obsesso., smuch as I’ve always quite enjoyed the ’80’s stuff too

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