The First Time Tickle


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Life is a learning curve, each new step we undertake is part of our journey and our story … this is a tale of ‘we all have to start somewhere in everything, there is no 2, without 1 being first!

The First Time Tickle!

Nowadays, sex is no longer the mystery,
… It used to be,
As a young man, way back then,
Counting the days down as to when,
I might sample for myself some sexual action,
Found in a hot dates embrace of passion!

These days, not one to blow my own trumpet,
But l have my uses in bed, somewhat!
Or so it’s been whispered to me by others,
As they cursed me to pull up the covers!
To stop acting the damming fool,
And for the love of God, to put away my tool!

Back then, it was a completely different story,
Proud l was, just looking at my morning glory!
Sex, was the subject l knew of, but yet not tasted,
Far as l was concerned, just a lot of tissues being wasted!
As to how it was actually going to come about?
Was anyone’s’ guess, l used to pout!

Except that very fine day that l met a Goddess,
Stood in awe did l at that shimmering dress,
Highlighting every curve one expects,
From a stunning creature from the opposite sex!
Practically there and then did l explode!
Without even the hint of being blown,
Back then, l was quite the charming devil,
Relatively good looking lad, totally on the level,
Albeit terribly honest and awkwardly shy,
Making me not the normally average guy!
Being in sales, l was gifted with the gab,
Could talk the Arabs out of their oil, it was fab!

But was relatively reticent with the ladies,
Oh they loved me, some said they saw me as Hades?
Which left me oft confused it has to be said,
Seeing as he was connected with the dead,
It was suggested that it was the twinkle in my eyes,
Apparently filling the hearts of some with surprise!

But this girl, just oozed sexuality,
Mind blowing it was, and affected my reality
Had to ask her out there and then,
Sure she replied, where and when?
And so it was set, a date this Friday night,
Tomorrow, l might actually sample sensual delights!

My parents were away abroad on holiday,
So we could come back here to play,
I made sure that everything was set and ready,
My bedroom, was hoovered and polished and made steady,
For an evening of entertainment as in seen in the movies,
I was going to be master of the jiggling boogie!

Should have known l was set for disaster,
Aftershave after a hot shower on my bits is a blaster!
Should not be done by anyone,
Guarantee now to the readers – NO FUN!
Had to soak them in the sink filled with water so cold,
I was lucky the effects of the alcohol did not scold!

Anyway, moving along, we had the most incredible date,
Dinner followed by dancing in a club, was bloody great,
Did not live far from town, so we decided to walk,
Back to my place, and along the way talk,
Have to be honest and say , l was nervous,
More so at the remarkable organ service!
Which l had never experienced before in my entire life!
And had me squealing against a fence, like l was in strife!

Which brought out a man and his bloody mutt,
From the house behind my bare assed butt,
Oh he did yell, ever so loud at we two,
And we ran off into the darkness and shouted back adieu,
Finally back at the house, and we had some wine,
Thought it best, to calm her nerves … and mine!

You see, truth be known, unbeknownst to her,
This was my first time … ever!
Foreplay was not a problem, well kissing,
Lived a sheltered life you see, was missing,
Some very essential information on the act itself,
She was wise l could tell, and not been on the shelf,

Upstairs and we undressed, and oh my grief!!!
She was incredible, fantastically shaped underneath!
Ever so gentle and caring l have to say was she,
Just as well really, frozen solid was myself and thankfully willy!
And in bed for the first few moments,
Time was of no consequence!

Breasts for the first time are bizarrely unreal,
So lovely to grope, squeeze and to feel,
Skin against skin, with its radiating heat,
Tiny shivers from the top of the head down to the feet!,
Feeling the fullness of both sexes exploring,
And the hunger from two people when in full swing!

Everything was just fine until … the tickle!
Hair against sensitivity, scream from me and l was in a pickle!
Suddenly all were aware that l had not been here before,
Irrelevant what thoughts were as l ran for the door!
To the bathroom, for the coldest of showers!
Returning, robed to find her still in bed, a smiling flower!

For the rest of that night we just lay in a very cosy cuddle,
Understanding my Goddess turned out to be, and cured my muddle!
For a good two years afterwards, we were together,
And each night was filled with sexual adventure,
Never looked back have l, since way back then,
When l was a simple lad, and not yet a man!!

© Rory Matier 2012



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