Scapegoating Wildlife Icons!


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12th May 2018

Scapegoating Wildlife Icons!

Fox & Badger

Classic Eggshell Designs

I have never been able to understand why people glean a deep satisfaction from the killing of another ‘species’ and l do mean species – the reader can take from that statement whatever they want.  However for the sake of this design it is aimed specifically at the animal species and mankind’s insistence on the ultimate destruction of what at times appears to be ‘all’ animals. I am not being over dramatic at that – mankind in its ‘so called’ path of progression single handed destroys everything it touches. Those who say that one day Mother Nature and Father Time will take it all back may have it right, but there will always be theorists and conspirers alike who will tell us differently.

Many of our original animal species cease to exist nowadays; they have been hunted into extinction and exterminated from fear, ignorance, arrogance or just pure hatred by ‘mankind’. Man, doesn’t like to think of anything apart from ‘man’.  I am not talking dinosaurs here, Mother Nature took them out, however many of the species that inherited and evolved from them, have been taken out of the equation over hundreds of years by man.

I have never understood the allure of fox hunting, nor how so many defend ‘their rights’ to hunt in the stance of tradition, and culture.

Considering that 83% of the United Kingdom wants ‘nothing’ to do with the likes of Fox hunting, l am surprised that it still continually is sought after as a sport.  I mean why, would anyone in their ‘right minds’ want to mount a horse, don a red coat and lord it about with a pack of hounds chasing down a helpless and terrified animal under the guise of ‘sport?’ 


Why would anyone do that?

Fox hunting is illegal in England, Scotland and Wales and yet l still hear tales of the law being flounced upon’ and hapless foxes meeting untimely ends. Mounting evidence is accruing and suggestive that regular hunting is breaking the law.

When working with rescued ‘hunt’ foxes, l had to treat and attend to some seriously injured animals, which the hounds had not killed ‘outright’ as the hunts would inform people. These animals had horrific flank and stomach wounds, ears ripped off, jaws mangled, tails shredded and never mind the mental duress the hunted had to endure! Foxes are not dealt with swiftly, they are not ALL killed humanely, and they can suffer horrendously at the hands and hounds of hell!

But it’s not just ‘the foxes’ that suffer from the hounds and the hunt – family pets, livestock and other animals in the countryside are terrorised or killed. Friends of mine in Lincolnshire lost family cats to the hunt.

As much as 83% of the United Kingdoms’ population is anti-hunting – it is NOT loved by the public, it is NOT popular as a sport, indeed, let’s be totally honest, this is NOT a sport this is barbarism! This according to some parties is wildlife murder! Call it what you will and l will call it what it is … extreme animal cruelty!

The British people are against hunting with dogs, the people are no longer interested in so called traditional elitist values held by the minority. Society wants it gone.

We must be vigilant in our united front to keep the hunting ban in situ, to have the ban constantly enforced, it needs to be strengthened not weakened – the minority do not rule these decisions, the majority do.


When was the last time you saw a badger – a live one? Not one lying dead on the road, having been hit by a car, but a real live one? In my lifetime l have only seen three in the wild and a pair asleep in a nature park in Norfolk – three! I know they are elusive and dusk and dawn creatures, but still only three and that was only in the last ten years!

Both Foxes and Badgers have been brought to life for years in literature, who can say that they have never heard of Mr Badger from The Wind in the Willows?

Apparently according to the government, culling badgers in their thousands is the way forward to combatting bTB aka bovine tuberculosis – an infectious disease that results in the slaughter of thousands upon thousands of livestock [cattle] every year. The badger is a protected species or was before these culling’s became sanctioned by the authorities.

Badgers can be infected with bTB and farmers are fearful that infected badgers contaminate their livestock – irrelevant to the fact that there is no conclusive science to prove that theory. The NFU has lobbied hard to ensure that the governments take action against the threat which they commenced against the scientific body advising that the culls would not have a significant impact upon the problem and if anything could make the infections and contaminations far worse.

There are easier ways to battle these problems instead of yet another reason to practically eliminate another British species for the sake of so called progressive farming!  Improved farming methods and transportation could improve over all efficiencies, but l guess perhaps this is less costly than just killing animals for the sake of fear?

Although, certain areas in the UK are trialling more efficiency alongside humane badger vaccination programmes and these are proving quite successful at lowering the bTB figures of infection in cattle.

Badger culling is animal cruelty, not all animals shot as an example die quick deaths – in fact they are known to linger in a ‘dying position’ for anything upwards of five minutes – five minutes of bleeding out or dying painfully – how would you feel about that? Would you too consider it cruelty and unnecessary suffering or would you be content to simply accept it – if it was you?

In 2016 – in 10 ‘controlled cull zones’ 10,886 badgers were slain by both shooting and cage trapping.

Despite, scientific evidence suggesting that extermination is not the answer – culling areas are to be extended from set areas now in the coming years to an eventual wide spread UK covering.  No badger will be safe!

Dominic Dyer, the chief executive of the Badger Trust, said: “This is the largest destruction of a protected species in living memory. By the end of 2018, the government will have spent over £50m of public funds killing over 67,000 badgers [since 2013], which could push the species to the verge of local extinction in areas of England where it has lived since the ice age. The badger cull is a cruel, costly and ineffective policy and its continuation is a national disgrace.”

Record 32,000 badgers shot in annual cull The Guardian 18th December 2018

If you are concerned and want to learn more of either of these two species and more importantly – do more then …

Fox & Badger

Classic Eggshell Designs

Images courtesy of Pixabay

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  1. I’m all for hunting FOR FOOD. If someone wants to hunt birds or deer and eat them, more power to them. Trophy and sport hunting is just murder! Eradicating a native special for farm animals is also murder!

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