Save the Honey Bees

Bee all you can be and do all that you can do 🙂

10 thoughts on “Save the Honey Bees

    1. Hey Betty, this one isn’t mine it’s a share on from the penmanship of Nova’s mind – but l feel sure she will be as grateful for the compliment as l am to you for making it 🙂

      1. Thanks for letting me know, so I can thank her in person. I’m grateful you reposted it so it would get the information out to more people! 💞

  1. Rory, thanks for the education. Aren’t the male bees out there collecting pollen and taking care of the baby bees? I recently read where someone keeps a scorpion for stings to help with their arthritis. Not sure if I’d go that far, but…

    1. This one isn’t mine Li this was Nova’s – male bees principally are there to mate, they don’t have stingers, they don’t gather nectar or pollen – they are simply there to mate with an unfertilsed queen.

      Mm, as to the scorpion, yeah tend to agree with you, as a natural clumsy klutz l feel sure something may awry!

  2. So the girls do all the work. Feed everyone. And raise the kids. And the guys just eat sleep and mate. Sounds pretty good to me. 💪🏻😎👍🏻

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