Late, Late, Later Night Great Tracks!



Late, Late, Later Night Great Tracks!

As l sit here, typing and preparing the next day’s post dated, l listen to music, headphone’s on so as to not wake Suze or even Scrappy, l mean it’s nearly 1am, it most assuredly would not be appreciated, here are three tracks of the last hours worth that were absolute classics in their time and still hold brilliance!

Last post of the night and the start to a new series – night folks!

Night All!


4 thoughts on “Late, Late, Later Night Great Tracks!

    1. Very, very much so.

      I am going to run a different Blog Crime game today Inspector Gary, l know you have been busy, but that case of yours is always open should you wish to return to it at any time.

    1. Well seeing as aliens are everywhere , throughout the year, any time is a good time, and in the words of the great Fox Mulder, The truth is out there.

      I have seen some very strange goings on in our garden, until Suze told me last night, she had put all the garden lights in one tub!! They are all mostly dying and last night not knowing they were there, l kept on seeing in one darkened spot all these lights dancing!!

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