Herbs that say ‘No go Buddy!’ Plants with an Attitude!!! Part 2


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April 2019

Herbs that say ‘No go Buddy!’

Plants with an Attitude!!!

Part 2

Okay, so picking up from and continuing along with Part 1’s trek into the garden …

…. however before throwing myself  and your eyes into the next five herbs with attitude, there are of course, common sense tips that don’t repel per se, but cause less of a problem in so far as gathering insects …


  • Standing water allowed to stagnate is the prime stomping ground for a lot of pesky pests and bugs, but also slugs, snails and of course bloody mosquitoes, they lay their larvae in standing water – so if water has been left standing for a week or therebouts, empty it out. Should you wish to dispel and destroy larvae, then a small drop of soap detergent  in water can kill all larvae in the space of a day. Be mindful of things that contain water such as cans, buckets, old tyres and so on. Also be wary of any open to air water butts you have, where possible close them off to mosquitoes.
  • Another obvious measure of prevention, is if eating outside during the BBQ season to ensure you cover your food.
  • Watch out for unwanted pests in piles of rubbish or trash, keep your eyes peeled. whilst many bugs are great for the compost heap in so far as the eco-sytem break down, having piles of unwarranted trash in your garden is considered idea fodder location for all sorts of creepy crawlies.
  • Ensure that your compost heaps, bins, piles and so on, are a fair to good distance away from ‘just outside’ your back door as an example.



Citronella is the oil that is found in lemongrass – we don’t have any of this growing, as it is a seriously all year sun greedy plant – but it is superb for repelling mosquitoes, flies and bugs. It’s most commonly found growing wild in India, Indonesia, Africa and Brazil – which are what? Yes, very sunny places indeed!! This serves as a herb as well as a spice when cooking and can be used both dried and fresh.

It can be used as a tea, as well as discussed – repellant for creepy crawlies, it enables stress relief, can promote healthy sleep patterns and can at times disable insomnia, it’s great for lifting the spirits and it has a fantastic smell – if you can grow this, l envy you!

7 Wonderful Benefits of Lemongrass Tea: The Healing Brew



IMG_9959 (2)

We have quite a few chives plants growing in the wild herb garden side, although as of yet they are not flowering as this is due to occur May/June time, but they are part of the genus of Allium with close relatives of garlic, shallot, leek, scallions  and Chinese onions. The bees adore them in summer as the flowers are either purple or white and they are brilliant for growing between plants and acting as companions for many vegetables. i used them quite heavily a few years ago when l tried out square foot gardening.

Many pests simply don’t like them, the scent or aroma they yield and so steer clear of any associations, although moths, well moths seemingly love them, but cats and dogs alike need to be wary as they are toxic to them. So always be mindful of this fact.

10 Uses for Chives



Now marigold isn’t a herb, although l have planted these beautiful flowers amongst both my herbs and vegetables in the past. Because you can use these as part of your salad during the summer months, but in addition to that and their companion plant benefits, they also serve rather well to keep mosquitoes and aphids at bay. But above everything else, they are just so charmingly attractive as a plant and add some superb colour to your beds and herbs.

Top 11 Uses & Benefits of Marigolds, Including for the Skin, Eyes & More




We grew an awful amount of Dill and Fennel or wild Fennel around the bug hotel last year, and had too much growing, now we have a rather sorry looking sad Fennel plant left whilst we await decisions as to what we are to plant around that area for this season, and we also have one self sown Dill plant in the borders.

IMG_9960 (2)

The marvels of these two herbs are they repel quite a lot between them, so whilst we planted them in pots, l also had them as companion plants with vegebtables as well as individual small potted plants scattered around in all sorts of places. However they will see off snails and slugs, aphids, squash bugs and spider mites.

15 Incredible Dill Benefits

15 Impressive Benefits of Fennel



When we lived in the Isle of Wight, one of the most commonly grown plants was in fact Bayleaf, they were everywhere and both tree and bush form, and yet here we don’t have it growing, but it serves both culinary benefits as well as posses the valuable ‘back off buddy’ attitude as well.

It works really well in seeing off flies, so even just the presence of some well appointed bowls with both dried and fresh leaves will keep those peskies at bay.

But also bayleaf is filled with healing properties and you can add it to soups and broths as a great condiment.

Top 8 Benefits of Bay Leaves

Bay leaf recipes

So there we go folks, part 2 of the Plants with Attitude – part 3 tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “Herbs that say ‘No go Buddy!’ Plants with an Attitude!!! Part 2

  1. No lemon grass here either 🙁 and I don’t know why I am not growing bay. We do grow dill as we love it to flavor various foods and chives have taken over a large part of my prayer garden. If allowed to go to seed they easily reproduce.

    1. Hey Ruth .. well didn’t l get told off? Yes l did, we do have Bayleaf duh me, we have it in a bush variety so in Suze’s eyes l am a bit of a dunce ha ha – well l will correct that tomorrow – well damn, we can’t all be perfect can we 🙂

      Chives l think are related secretly to mint! So l totally agree, they need no encouragement to just say ‘oh l know, that empty spot looks good to set up home in !”

      1. LOL. Everybody is allowed mistakes now and then.
        Last year I tried to leave the chive blossoms for the bees to forage but clip them as they died and before the seeds fell. I will have to do that again this year or I fear we will end up with several acres of chives. LOL.

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