QQ: Which do you prefer?



QQ: Which do you prefer?

The Morning Call Out Posts are taking a weekend break and all l have currently running are the Weekly Call Out and the Interactive Call Out Posts. Now of the two as in the morning call out and the reblog call out which do you prefer?

I started the additional call outs because l felt that the morning call outs were being missed due to ping backs not functioning or comments disappearing or maybe just my comments vanishing, as in does WP consider me too much of a commenter and so the majority of my comments end up somewhere else.

However, the call outs are there to serve as a promotion of other bloggers to other bloggers, they are part of the Blog Reviewer series, which is ALL about promoting other bloggers.

So which ones fo you find more effective?

Also if you DONT like this series, please do say so below.

Let me know below.


7 thoughts on “QQ: Which do you prefer?

  1. Don’t care. I’ll be honest. I check them out so if my name appears i can say thank you. I’m sure i miss some because i keep seeing certain numbers like 7 and 9 but not 1-5. With all the prompts and poetry and things to read now, I don’t have time to click on new blogs in these lists to check out. The only ones I do are people who follow me directly or who have commented on my posts. Sorry!

  2. I do love your call outs Rory – but when I am pressed for time I have to admit I don’t look at them…I look for some of your other posts that have content I can get my teeth into – does that make sense? <3

    1. Of course, l have stopped the Call Outs now Mel, post dated morning post explains why’ish, but l have a surprise for you tomorrow, hence why l was thinking of you 🙂

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