Herbs that say ‘No go Buddy!’ Plants with an Attitude!!! Part 1


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April 2019

Herbs that say ‘No go Buddy!’

Plants with an Attitude!!!

The other day Ruth of Donโ€™t Eat It! Soap and Skin Care and l were discussing herbs and bees and did the bees benefit from the herbs in any other way apart from collection of pollen? Well as of yet Ruth, l have not found any studies that display they do, this doesn’t necessarily mean there are not any, maybe just a case of me having not found it as of yet. However, what we can do in the interim is just provide our bees with as much activity as we can, and more on herbs in the next week or so.


Recently Suze and l were having a discussion on predatory plants and companion plants, well this post deals with the former and another post will deal with the latter in good time. But when l say predatory am l talking more along the lines of Invasion of the Body Snatchersย ย or more along the lines of Little Shop of Horrors?


Well l guess at a push, a little of both and none at all? Does that make sense? No of course not, but this post deals with Herbs that say no go Buddy! Plants with an attitude!

Plants that say ‘No go Buddy!’

Plants with an Attitude!!!

Part 1

So what are really talking about here?

Simple – plants that repel pesky insects – pests!

Certain plants have certain traits, like the herbs we were discussing the other day, which have benefits to our bees equally as much to ourselves and a lot of other plants can be planted alongside vegetables which will enable certain effects to deal with insects that can blight your day, never mind annoy the cobblywobbles out of your plants!



We have a lot of mint in our garden, all sorts – the only one we don’t have is peppermint as bees cannot stand peppermint, so if you don’t want bees in your garden, plant lots of peppermint! As to why you wouldn’t want bees is quite beyond me however?

IMG_9954 (2)

IMG_9955 (2)

IMG_9956 (2)

IMG_9957 (2)

All our mints are just starting to take off, once the warmth of spring kicks in, they will have a firmer foothold on the garden, but we enjoy a nice selection here of catmints, spearmint,wild mint, apple mint and liquorice mint. The cats l have noticed have a rather partial fondness to the catmint!

However MINT will REPEL Mosquitoes!! Yay!! So ensure that you have mint in pots around the back of the garden, the patio or where your BBQ is and or table when you might eat in the garden on those warm balmy nights and all you want to hear is the gentleness of the day and not you and your partner slapping skin – no, not that way, the other way!



Lavenders will keep away a host of nasty critters such as mosquitoes, house flies and moths should you wish moths to leave you be! So to be rid of bugs you can use lavender and whilst you can find success with both fresh and dried flowers, you might find oil extract a more direct repellant! Lavender is also great for making the bed linen smell awesome!



Basils are great for warding off flies and mosquitoes, and the oil in basil kills mosquito eggs dead [l mean what other way is there if you are killed rather than be dead .. right?] But we all know that basil is great for pesto as well! Which is killer by itself. Basil has been used for centuries from the Egyptians to the Greeks to the Romans, everyone loved basil! But mosquitoes find basil revoltng!! Eat more basil, have basil in your pores, or to the kids, Basil had paws he was a brush tailed fox! Just sayin’ is all!



Rosemary is great at repelling mosquitoes and flies and bugs! Bugs cannot abide Rosemary! So if you can, try and plant some of this as a companion plant to some of your vegetable plants. Rosemary is a multifunctional herb, easy to grow in both pot and the ground, l know l have great sized plants here – needs sunlight one of its demands upon your garden, plenty of sunlight and you keep good ol’ Rosemary very happy!

Now you can use it as a companion plant sitting with your other plants but also for a direct approach … follow this simplicity … gather up about 1-1.5 kg of dried rosemary, and a jug of freshly boiled water about a litre, place the dried plant sprigs into the boiling water and leave for a good 30 – 45 minutes, strain into a litre of cold water and funnel into a spray bottle and hey presto you have a mosquito repellant! Tada!


Lemon Balm & Lemon Thyme

I adore the smell of this herb sooooooooo much! Which is good news as it repels the damn mosquitoes! Simply put, this herb has such a strong scent that it drives the mozzies nuts! You can also help yourself as well by rubbing the leaves directly to your skin. But do be careful, as some people are known to be allergic to it – so perhaps one crushed leaf first on your forearm – if you blow up like a watermelon – my advice is don’t use this herb!!!


So there we go folks, part 1 of the Plants with Attitude – part 2 tomorrow!

18 thoughts on “Herbs that say ‘No go Buddy!’ Plants with an Attitude!!! Part 1

    1. Hey ๐Ÿ™‚

      Out of the five, 4 are currently growing, the 5th that is currently just in planting form are the basils which we grow inside until the weather warms up and then move them to the outside garden. We had seriously cold weather this morning including snow fall, so herbs like basil, simply would not be able to survive some of out springs, so experience has taught us to get them into the garden at the start of summer ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Another great post Rory. I didn’t realize that bees didn’t like peppermint. I have seen them in the spearmint and chocolate mint. I’ll have to keep an eye on the peppermint this year. One thing to keep in mind if you want to attract honey bees is that bees will only forage one type of plant during a flight so they tend to forage things that are more abundant. If there is only one plant of something they will likely pass it over for something that there is more of.
    Another great thing about lavender is that deer and rabbits don’t eat it. (That’s a big issue on our farm – things that deer eat have to be fenced)

    1. I heard this before about Deer, and when l did some park management over here, the gamesman told me about deer troubles ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yes l also knew about the flights of the bees, where as rabbits hop from one herb to the next, bees are not that way inclined. which lends more weight to the theory of animals understanding the properties of herbs – tabbits know the qualities.

  2. this is great info to have! I needed to know all of this so thanks rory! xox

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