Spin The Keyboard Yarn – Summary



Spin The Keyboard Yarn – Summary

On April 3rd l launched this Prompt Game in the form of a Baby Steps Trial, to see where the flaws were, to tweak it and to iron out any glitches.

That worked very well indeed, so well that l made a lot of decisions on the basis of that trial, and the next time this Prompt Game launches, it will be launched in its final layout.

The Findings …

Play The Keyboard Yarn from this point will only be known as Spin The Yarn

It was originally planned to be a team game, however after careful consideration and especially for the first couple of seasons, one most assuredly, it will run as a single prompt game only. Come the second or third season, it may turn into a team sport prompt and this allows for player confidence.

I did notice that my wording needs to be fine tuned especially in the definition of the term Yarn – l don’t think there is any translation issues, but l think that perhaps some are not too familiar with the term yarn – so l will rectify that terminology, with the description.

Something that did come out was about scoring, one was an unfocused comment by Paula of Light Motifs II who stated that not many people read the story and thus would not be commenting let alone scoring, which was fair but that is the nature of the Liking Only Read or Not Beast in WP, and another was a focused comment by Li of Tao Talk who suggested that there should be two scores one for Creativity and another for Credibility, allowing the readership to score either way, which upon reviewing, l agree with Li this is an excellent suggestion and one which the new game will adopt. It also allows for Calmkate’s comment of not having the ability to underscore some leeway.

I chose the example of “I Caught a Fish It Was This Big” as our starter as this is one of the biggest tall stories or yarns going and we had a wonderful response from all those who participated with some absolutely corkers as stories, see below …

“I caught a fish … it was THIS big?!” [flash 300]

Spin The Yarn – Baby Steps- Fishing

STK: The Holiday Maker and the Sea

What’s Your Story — “I caught a fish … it was THIS big?!”

Fish Story

Whoppers To Tell

I caught a fish – It was this big

The Bastard Dory

I caught a Fish, and it was THIS big?!

Spin the Keyboard Yarn: I Caught a Fish and it was This Big…


Spin the Keyboard #1 – Miracle Cure

“I caught a fish … it was THIS big?!”

So my big hearty thanks to all of the writers who actively participated!

I noticed that when l launched this game that in fact it clashed with the A-Z challenge, so that was interesting and yet we still received a marvelous response despite the clash.

The first official game will launch this weekend, with more details and a selection of interesting questions to choose from!

Thanks again all


10 thoughts on “Spin The Keyboard Yarn – Summary

  1. Cool! Looking forward to it! 🙂 (I do my A-Z posts ahead of time and schedule them, so I didn’t have any problem doing BOTH)…

  2. I like the yarns because they inspire creativity, while the A2Z posts are simply drudgery for me to get through so as not to be a quitter.

  3. I think a description of yarn is needed. I read posts that seemed believable but they weren’t actually yarns, to my thinking. But maybe that’s just me. I think it was a fun Prompt and enjoyed it. Thank you!

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