QQ:What Drives You NUTS The Most About?



QQ:What Drives You NUTS The Most About?

Your Partners, Family Members Or Friends?

We all have annoying habits – right? I mean according to Suze l have some really frustrating ones .. even verging on downright annoying , and at my own concession Suze has quirks that l don’t get.

Suze says the top five annoyances of mine that drive her NUTS are:

Not going to bed when l am tired

Saying no, when l mean yes

Not doing tops up properly [lids to jars etc.]

Running out of things in house and not mentioning it till last minute

Wearing my clothing [not underwear] till they could almost walk to the laundry basket!

Now l would struggle to find five annoying habits with Suze and that’s not because she is an angel or that she is perfect, but mostly because l don’t tend to keep tabs on them, but there are two that do irk me.

At times Suze talks to Scrappy and asks her questions like “Come on baby tell me what you want, what do you want, what do you want, what do you need?” The same two questions repeated over and over again!!! At times this conversation can last ten minutes and it drives me Nuts!

Suze is a really caring person and if you are ill she wants to look after you, but tells youΒ  that is you are unwell, you need to do this or that, or call the doctors. But when the shoe is on the other foot, she refuses to listen to the same advice and ignores it. Drives me NUTS!


I read an article in the newspaper today about how families annoy each other with their annoying habits, and there were the usual culprits …

Leaving lights on around the house, peeing on the toilet seat, not closing the toilet seat, leaving dirty washing on the floor, expecting others to clean up after you, not cooking occasionally or washing up, sharing in the housework, looking at phones when being spoken to, and the list goes on.


Of my listed annoying habits in Suze’s eyes, l have gotten better than l used to be when living by myself.Β  Like closing the toilet seat, tightening up lids to containers and l now write things down when they are close to running out in the house.

But how about you? What are the annoying habits of now or yesterday and do you or your significants others [friends, family, partners] work towards making the habits ceasing to be?


20 thoughts on “QQ:What Drives You NUTS The Most About?

  1. Oh so cool, now is my chance to say what annoys me the most from my hubby, aka the Professor-Researcher and occasionally the Laboratory Rat. He has the habit to start a conversation but instead of staying next to me while he speaks he talks and walks toward is office or the living room. So if I want to understand what he is saying I have to stop whatever I’m doing, for example washing the dishes, and follow him. Of course, I don’t follow him but he than starts to speaks louder. I really don’t like when people are yelling in the house. This annoys me so much. He doesn’t realised he is doing this and he is making some efforts… It took 20 years! Thankfully, that’s the only thing that really gets on my nerve. Of course, there are probably stuff that I do that annoys him but he is not here to write about them.

    1. Ha ha brilliant Lady D.

      It reminds me of something my Mother used to do when l lived at home.

      We lived in a three story house as opposed to a bungalow like Suze and l have now. My bedroom was at the top of the house. My mother used to stand at the bottom and shout my name. “Rory?”

      From In my bedroom l would shout down my answer “Yes?

      No response.

      So l would shout down again “Yes Mum??”

      Mum would then shout up “Rory?”
      “Yes Mum?”

      Then NOTHING!! Grr, so l would stop what l was doing and walk outside my bedroom and shout downstairs “Yes Mum??”

      Still no bloody answer!! Double grr. In the end l would walk all the way down the stairs and find her at the bottom of the stairs. I would ask her, “What’s up?”
      “Nothing, just wanted to see if you were ok?”

    1. Ha ha – a loud chewer, yeah l can see how that would be annoying πŸ™‚

      Like those folks who eat with their mouths open so we can see everything, why??

  2. Hmm…annoying habits πŸ€” I drive my husband nuts because I always say YES when I should say NO. This is really something that drives him crazy 😝 I know he’s right but sometimes I really cannot make it πŸ€ͺ

    1. Ah similiar to me, except l am the opposite!

      Suze will ask “Do you want a coffee?” “No, l am good thanks” I answer, then maybe three minutes later, there l am making a coffee!!

      I don’t do it deliberately, but it drives her beyond nuts at times ha ha πŸ™‚

  3. I hate to admit this because I know my roommate can’t really help it. But this house is a pigstye. I have tried to help her with cleaning the main parts of the house with her, but her depression and lack of motivation just let this place resemble that of a rats nest.
    This is one of the main reasons I rarely ever come out of my bedroom. At least when I’m in my room, it’s clean, orderly, and soothing. My OCD is off the charts when I sit in the living room or try to cook in the kitchen.
    The other thing is that I take care of her pets more than she does, and atop all of this, she wants to adopt yet another dog.
    My head is imploding over this!
    Do I feel better airing all of this… Not really. I love my friend, but she makes living together difficult most of the time.

  4. Q:What Drives You NUTS The Most About Your Partners, Family Members Or Friends?

    My family isn’t ‘close’. I think it’s because we’re all pretty poor at communication and we tend to view holding grudges as a Olympic Sporting Event. EVERYONE seems to get their feelings hurt, says nothing about WHY, and nurses a grudge until someone else gets angry enough to dig the reason out of the grudge holding hurt feeling idiot. I’m as guilty as the rest of my clan for doing that, so it’s not a judgment, it’s an observation.

  5. Very little gets on my nerves with my nearest and dearest. But there is one thing. The inappropriate use of feet. My sister Mandy knew I had a problem with feet touching things they shouldn’t. She has deliberately put her bare feet on a plate, on the videos/CDs/books on the shelves, on the kitchen counters – she knows it drives me nuts. So in response I deliberately slurp my tea which drives her nuts!

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