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1] Blog Name

“This, That, and The Other”

2] What is your blog’s specific genre?

This, that, and the other

3] How old is your Blog?

I started this blog in May 2017

4] Why did you feel the need to start an actual blog?

I retired five months earlier (at the end of 2016) and needed something to do the keep my mind active and engaged, to distract me from the lunacy of Donald Trump, and to keep from driving my wife crazy.

5] What age were you when you first started to write?

You mean writing for pleasure as opposed to school assignments or white papers for my job? I dabbled in high school.

6] Was it a natural process or did something or someone inspire you to put your first thoughts to paper?

I feel I’m better at expressing myself in writing than I am verbally. I’m not a natural born orator.

7] Would you say that your creativity flows easily or do you need to be motivated by an event or a moment in your life to trigger it?

It flows pretty easily, but sometimes prompts (words, images) help to get the creative juices flowing.

8] How frequent or prolific are you with your writing and blogging?

These days I post anywhere from 3 to 6 posts a day.

9] Is it just WordPress that your writing is displayed or other platforms as well?

Just WordPress at the moment.

10] Do you use social media to advertise and market your blog? If so which ones and how effective is it/are they?

No, I really don’t actively use any other social media platforms.

11] Writers block we all get it at one point or another – if you do suffer from it, how do you tackle the problem?

I read the newspaper, and get inspiration from some article. Also other bloggers’ prompts.

12] Which is your preferred writing/creative style?

Style? I’m not sure I have a particular style that I regularly use. I just start writing and see where it leads. But I guess my style might be deemed “conversational.”

13] What is the best thing about blogging in your eyes?

The interaction with others in the blogging community.

14] What prompts you to write about a topic on the day that you post?

As I mentioned earlier, it could be something or read about in the paper, on my newsfeed or in the news on TV. Or it could be in response to one or more writing prompts. Recently I’ve been trying to weave together coherent flash fiction tales by combining anywhere from 3-6, sometimes 7 one-word prompts.

15] What advice would you award new bloggers to help and encourage them promote their blog and engage with their audience?

First and foremost, write engaging posts. Also, respond to comments people make on your posts, and read and comment on the posts of other bloggers you follow.

16] Do you have an overall blogging strategy or simply write because you enjoy writing?

No specific strategy other than to do my best to write interesting, engaging, and witty posts and hope others enjoy them. And yes, I really enjoy writing.

17] Do you feel it is important to have an engaging audience to the content that you write? 

I do feel that it is extremely important to engage one’s audience.

18] If no one ever commented on your blog would this concern you, and if so how would you rectify the situation?

Yes, it would concern me because if no one comments on what I write, it would mean they are not engaged by what I’ve written. As to how I’d rectify it would be to try to write in a more engaging way.

19] How long from start to finish would/can your content take you to complete?

It’s all across the board. I can whip out some posts in a matter of minutes. Others can take an hour or longer. And some can even take a few days.

20] Which do you think are your best 3 posts to date? Please link below so that our readers can see your style and take a step into your world.

I’ve posted more than 2,100 times on this blog and I am proud of them all. So I can’t just pick out three that I think are my best. I’d refer people to my about page ( to get a sense of my style and whether or not they want to step into Fandago’s world.

21] Finally, what advice would you offer new writers to the blogging community?

Do your own thing, be true to yourself, but remember that you’re not talking to yourself.


My genuine thanks to Fan, Fang, Fandango for taking the time to write about the inspiration and creativity with regards his blog.

I like Fandango, not just because he is a nude skiier and of course who isn’t intrigued by that, nor because he wears sheer brilliant nylons when attending the X-Rated Christmas parties and l have vowed not to start any nasty rumours about that incident with the Brussel Sprouts and the ‘ahem, Cocktail Sausage [worry not my friend, that secret’s safe here amongst friends and readerships alike], but because l like his humour and style with regards how he writes and what he writes about.

Now if you are not yet following Fandango l would l suppose have to question your sanity as to why not, unless of course you are aware of his antics and his devout fascination with oranges and orange coloured objects. But don’t let that put you off, he is an excellent writer that puts it out, no, sorry my bad, l mean he puts quality out – ooher! Sorry l am still struggling trying to not remember the sprouts/sausage thing!!

You can ask him about that yourself – of course he will probably deny it, l mean there is the Area 52 protocol to take into consideration, not forgetting the Nude Skiiers code of Conduct Administrations and the I Love Orange Club Membership rules …. so you may never ever get a clear cut description of that! But this boy’s sauce if ever there was. I mean what else can be said about This, That and The Other? Well truth is plenty, but the point is, you’ll have to investigate that yourself!

He also possesses an excellent sense of humour, just as well l hear you say … eh?

On a more serious note, Fandango doesn’t talk in the tongue of the rocket scientist here, he talks about blogging like we all view it and should view it. Engagement, discussing, commenting and above everything else the prime motivator – enjoyment.


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It is simple – email me at the above Addy or drop me a line in my contact box and l will email you the questionnaire. Fill it in, send it back , and include images that you feel may support what you write, or about your blog, and l will write it up as a post and insert it into this series here.

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  1. Thanks for posting these Q&As. I must start reading this Fandango fellow. Oh, I heard he totally blacked out at that X-rated Christmas party of which you speak and has no recollection of nylons, sausages, or Brussels sprouts. Do you have any video that he can use to refresh his memory?

      1. Oops. Should have read “So what the hell did I do?” But the letter D is right next to the letter S on the tiny iPhone keypad. Why did they do that. It’s such an enigma, whatever the hell that is!

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