The Weekly Blog Shout Out 8


The Weekly Blog Shout Out!

09 – 11th April 2019


Below are some of the blogs l follow – check them out – you’ll not be disappointed!

Twice a week l will Call Out to 20 Bloggers that l follow.

This post will be Reblogged.

If you would like to be part of this call out, drop me a comment below.

Equally, if you have been mentioned and you do not wish to be mentioned, please do drop me a comment below.

Mark Tulin of Crow on the Wire

Chuck of The Reluctant Poet

SarahC of This N That With Me

Amanda of Walk A Myelin* My Shoes

Winnie of Musings

Yola of Pensées Positives

Adnama Marais 72

Marts of For Much Deliberation

House of Heart

Darren of The  Arty Plantsman


Ella’s Blog

Lazarus of Madekesiworld

Robyn of The Robyn Bird Nest

Stu of Something to Stu Over

Alison of Through Rose Tinted Glasses

Tetiana Aleksina and Tony Single of Unbolt Me

Horror Fanatic of All Things Uncanny

The Hinoeuma

Ortensia of Truly Madly Ordinary

Jordis of Jordy’s Streamings

If you see your name here – give me a high five wave and say hello and so l know you’re still alive!


5 thoughts on “The Weekly Blog Shout Out 8

  1. I’m gonna check out some of these blogs! 😊I’m not so active with my blogging so will not be requesting for my blog up there hihihi

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