QQ: What When Young, Were .. ?



QQ: What When Young, Were .. ?

What were your favourite games when you were younger, but equally what are your favourite games today?

I don’t tend to play as many games as l used to not just as a child but as l have aged, life just sometimes get in the way of things even sadly relaxing entertainment … but when young l used to love Monopoly, Scrabble, Kerplunk, Operation, Battleships and a few others. I used to really love the Mr Potato head and Moustrap!!

Then as l aged and got older my shift graviated more to sandtop wargaming, and then in my adult years, l still enjoyed the likes of Scrabble and Rummikub, Trivial Pursuit, l still love Monopoly – just no one will play against me and of course a couple of Christmas’s ago l played Cards Against Humanity but l find the better results in a larger group. I do like Cluedo, but many people find that boring.

Of course for many years l was then involved with either online gaming or simply PC gaming.

So what about you? What were you really into back in the day, as well in the current day?

Let me know below, thanks – Rory

18 thoughts on “QQ: What When Young, Were .. ?

  1. When I was small I suppose as a kid you enjoy all games outdoor and indoor. I still like to play kids indoor games like snakes and ladder and ludo, carom board. Monopoly and word game too.
    Sometimes me and my husband play rummy cup, cards, monopoly or poker.

    1. Hey Tanvir, ah the child is still alive with you then, but hey Poker – wow, l am terrible at that – l don’t have the right face apparently πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve always liked Clue, although it’s been a long time since I last played it. Colonel Mustard with a knife in the conservatory!

  3. I love all kinds of games, but have no one to play the board games with now.
    Favorites as a kid = anagrams, ouija board, Kreskin’s ESP game, jacks and tons more
    Now = words with friends, candy crush, scrabble, crosswords, & I Spy (with my grand-daughter)

  4. When I was a kid: playing Hot Box, stoop ball, kick ball, baseball. Also War (card game). As an adult: Hearts (card game), Risk, Yahtzee.

    1. Hey Fandango – l don’t see Nude ski Ball there .. that must have come later.

      I remember War as well, and Baseball was an all time favourite more so than Softball. Isn’t Risk a card game as well? Although l remember the board Game risk which was a strategy game for wargamers, and oh yes Yahtzee that is indeed a good game, thanks for playing today πŸ™‚

  5. When I was young (a child), we (my siblings and I) spent most of our childhood in foster care. Games were not encouraged, those people wanted us to do chores instead. But ‘in between times’ when we were with our biologic parents and after we got to go home permanently, I enjoyed such games as kick the can, Red Rover, hide and seek, and was a real tom boy. I know that will seem odd to those who have read my blog and know of my disabilities now. As an adult (now), I enjoy some computer games, mah jong and solitaire on my phone and tablets, and all sorts of word games (crosswords, word search, anacrostics and many more).

  6. Young: Chinese Checkers, Scrabble, Clue, Battleship, Dominoes, cards.

    Now: any of the above is great (esp Chinese Checkers, which no one likes), plus Ticket to Ride, Time’s Up, Code Names, etc.

  7. We did not have many games. Dad lent Monopoly to another family and we never got it back. We had a game called Generosity which was supposed to be the opposite – the winner was the person who have away all their material possessions. My sisters and I used to play it like Monopoly instead. We had a scrabble set. Dad loved playing that with us…and chess.
    We used to go window cleaning with Dad and we often were able to play with the children of his customers. I loved playing Guess Who – that was one of my favourite games, quite a few of the kids had it. There was also a game called Mousetrap that took ages to set up.

    As an adult – I am a monopoly fan. Goldfinch loves RPGs and even went to a board-gaming club and board game conventions.

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