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3rd May 2018

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Never Too Small to Make a Difference!

I have been environmentally motivated for a good many years now and hold strong beliefs and opinions about the preservation of our planet and the conservation of our animal species. I am both an avid and keen recycler and upcycler, passionate vegetable gardener with a very lucrative compost system and active supporter of various eco-friendly schemes. Where possible we try and buy produce from local resources and when using outside sellers always deal with fair trade companies.

We also endeavour and have achieved quite successfully over the last three years to reduce our usage of chemical to nearly zero. We do not use chemical in any of our washing or cleaning. Our overall aim is to minimise our impactive footprint on the environment to the best of our abilities.

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Our garden is a safe ecosystem for nature and where possible we try to ensure that everything is naturally simplistic.

Mankind may well be slowly killing our world, society killing our way of life, but together we do have the powers and the technologies to pave the way for a brighter future and more so if we start now.

People ask Suze and myself why we bother with the things we do? Our answer is always the same – because everyone can make a difference if they try, if they believe, then they will. No one is EVER too small to make a difference – you just have to start. And should you want proof of the impact something small can make – try smiling at someone – you could be surprised at just how big a difference you make to their day!


Examples of Small Differences’ That not just you can do, but everyone.

See rubbish laying around the environment, pick it up, collect it and bin in properly.

Stop eating meat or in the very least reduce your meat consumption and the same applies to your dairy consumption.

Change your driving habits – walk, cycle or use public transport more.

Watch your water consumption – have shorter showers or ‘share a shower – always fun!’

Reduce the amount of paper in your life – opt out of junk mail, receive on-line banking statements, invent creative ways to ‘wrap gifts’. we should learn to treasure our trees more and stop the chop. You don’t have to stop using paper but look out for paper products made from sustainable products, recycled paper.

Use refillable water containers and resusable lunch boxes.

Be mindful of what you throw away – just because we live in a disposable society doesn’t mean we have to dispose of everything – think recycling and especially upcycling. Can you borrow more instead of buying? You might surprise yourself as to just how crafty you are. Can you perhaps buy secondhand?

Remember to use reusable bags for shopping.

Food leftovers don’t have to be just discarded but perhaps they can be used in other dishes – try to waste as little food as possible, and you can compost other organic waste.

Online shopping is one of the best savings and changes going – you can now virtually shop any brand online.

Where you can, try to use less food packaging.

If possible grow your own menu, and farm it organically and therefore save the air from pesticides and herbicides. You don’t have to have huge vegetable beds to create your own food, pots are just as versatile.

Try to eat seasonally – which helps boosting local community sales of produce.

Instead of using chemical cleaning agents, why not try your hands at creating your own?

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The above list is just a small selection of small changes that can make a difference to our lives, but more importantly – our planet.


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      1. I do love growing my own food! I used to have a huge veggie patch at a house we lived and my compost heap. We’d go out and pick our veggies for dinner each night. Everything grows on my balcony in pots nowadays, no room for my worm farm. Still good though 🙂

        1. Suze and l will be planting more into pots and smaller raised beds this year so as to be more ecconomical on water useage. There are true bounties that be grown this way – as you are only too well aware 🙂

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