Dear Blog … 17.55 – 10/04/19

Regrets? Sure, l have a few, but it’s just one that is my biggest pain in the bum!

Hindsight – foresight – beautiful thing – useless, but nice!

If on that day back in October when my sister and l were sitting opposite our probate solicitor, l had known how very arrogant and ignorant and rude she was as a human being – l would not have agreed to her handling the probate and being lead.

Of course in truth the absence of qualitable knowledge is principally my father’s fault – his so called little princess was and is nothing far short of an overly spoilt  child, thoroughly used to getting her own way, guilty of manipulation and asking and receiving whatever she jolly well wanted from ‘daddy darling’. If my father had been honest about his emotions concerning my sister and had left something to give his son a heads up to her nasty and bullying behaviour, it would have saved valuable time. But he didn’t he was as arrogant and as rude as his daughter currently is! She most assuredly inherited those traits from him, she is a miniature female version of my father – that’s it in layman terms!

Instead l had to find out how he feared her most of 2018 and how he believed her behaviour had made him ill, how instead of handling the conflict of her baby tantrums if she didn’t get her own way, or if he became wearisome listening to her continuous diatribe and complaints about having no money to the fact that despite her children’s age she used them as a weapon against their grandfather – he never once refused her anything she demanded of him! He kept her from 2007 – 2018 in financial saftey and security – she NEVER had to want for anything irrelevant to whatever her wants and desires were – he covered it! From buying her houses to rent free of charge, to buying her cars, to allowing her huge quantities of money with no payback to even having her breasts enlarged from a 34c cup to something akin to Dolly Parton!

She only had to pick up the phone and say ‘daddy darling this is your little princess’ and it mattered not that behind her back he was cursing and cussing her, he would instantly comply to her every wish!

As far as regrets go, she is without question one of the biggest ones l have. Back that day in October, l didn’t know half of the crap l now know about her. we hadn’t talked for years which l always believed was dad’s fault, but it wasn’t and by this, l mean it wasn’t just his doing, but hers as well – she had wanted him to disinherit his son because he was ‘too weird to be part of their family?’

Of course that is the ultimate attitude of Gods and Deities isn’t it?  They think we mere people are insects beneath their feet to be trodden on and crushed underfoot.

From October to April as in now, so what is that – 6 – 7 months, my sister has managed to drag her heels through stubborness and lack of knowledge, she has been beyond rude to everyone around her including our solicitor, she doesn’t know how to express gratitude or thanks and even when she is horribly and painfully wrong, she is never wrong, it is everyone else’s fault – never hers. That is my father right there – he has come back and taken over her body and mind!!

He felt she owed him, and having done the calculations l know from 2007 – 2018 my sister managed to secure £200,000 from him, and pissed it all away. He bought her in 2015 a 75% mortgage on a property valued at £100,000. so her repayable is very slim, and yet she is always in debt.

She is major debt now – lord knows what she spends her money on, because she doesn’t eat properly and doesn’t feed her dog properly! She earns a fairly good wage and didn’t actually need the money she got from dad monthly as she has conceded she used to plead poverty to dad, so that ‘no one else’ would get their hands on his money!

I have had to clean up every single blunder she has made during these last 7 months, l have had to fork out financially and sort out errors that she has without warning thrown into my lap! From rehoming Jacqui the cat back in October to having to repair the damage she did this week to the solicitor – l will be so glad when this is ALL over!

Regrets? Sure, l have a few, but it’s just one that is my biggest pain in the bum!

Dear Blog ……

2 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 17.55 – 10/04/19

    1. Oh well, as Socrates said ‘shit happens’ we all live and learn Mel, l vaguely knew at the back of my mind it might not take as the first single attempt had failed, but l wanted to be optimistic for its success more than anyone.

      Nearly three weeks on, and l still have immense pain in my shoulder, but minimal pain in my upper arm which is where the tendonitis was , that’s not healed, any more than the trapped nerve in my neck, but it is not as painful as once it was. But the shoulder, well l think that is buggered. I had looked at alternative medicines, but they only great for pain relief and not repair, and l need this shoulder repaired first. So it’s a nasty catch 22 now.

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