QQ: You know what l like? Can You Guess?


QQ: You know what l like?

I actually love promoting your blogs to the community and am always looking for new ways to achieve that – so l always ask questions of you and one of those questions of recent time was QQ – Tell me about your blog in just 12 words – can you do it? Remember that one? Well l am still looking for as many answers to that question as l can get – and the reason l am asking that is so that when l promote your blog and you to the community l can tell them a little bit more about you than just your blog link.

I ask other things like where you are in the world as well as what genres you write about.

So how about it?

Which 12 words best describe your blog?

Think of it as creating a 12 worded tag line!

Drop me your comments below, many thanks – Rory

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  1. Sweet haven of an amateur human to scribble unspoken feelings and thoughts

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