QQ – Where are you?



QQ: Where In Our World .. Are You?

Just a quickie, only provide what you are comfortable to provide – but where abouts are we all?


I am UK based, in the county of Kent which is found in South East England.

How about you?

76 thoughts on “QQ – Where are you?

  1. Orange County, California! Unfortunately not one of the obscenely wealthy you see on TV… just an ordinary single chick with a kitty 🐱

  2. Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. It’s just adjacent to India’s capital city New Delhi.

        1. I don’t doubt that, l have met the Essexonians on a few occasions in my travels, l remember one visit into a nightclub and l saw the strange ritual of the handbag dance – you sure do pray to a funny god in Essex 🙂

  3. Good day, our Rory, in Kentish town.
    I now live in the sunny lands of Oz, aka Perth, Western Australia.
    Although, I am proud to admit that I was born in Birmingham UK, (too many years ago to mention :O ) and yes, I’m still a Brummy girl at heart… and before you ask, I did the ritual handbag dance too.

    We had relatives visit from the UK so we took them to visit our local Aussie pub,
    I remember it well, because, after I’d placed my bag down on the bar stool, my relative grabbed it up, so quickly, in panic, that I was left, looking gobsmacked…
    When I asked “why she did that?” she told me;
    “in Birmingham, if you leave your bag out of sight for one second, it would be snatched”

    So, there you go Rory, the mystery is solved, this is the secret of the ritual handbag dance and why they still do that, to this day 😀

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