QQ: How Involved Do You Get?


Idea of post acredited to Ursula of An Upturned Soul in her response of the question posed Do you find it difficult to open up about yourself on your blog?


QQ: How Involved Do You Get With The Blogs You Follow?

Recently l read a post that basically said the majority of readers forget what they read when it comes to blog posts. That most don’t really read the content, they skim over it perhaps, most like without reading, and a good percentage  don’t really get involved with the overall story of the blog itself. More or less what they were saying was that readers forget what they have read instantly?

Now each blog and as such each blogger is walking a journey with their blog, that’s my opinion anyway – so each blogger is telling a story through their written work. It doesn’t matter what they are specifically writing about – and by this l mean .. they might only write ‘flash fiction’ , but each story they create is still part of their overall journey and their story.

It might be that a writer struggling to write a book for publishing is using the blog to get the right resonation with their readerships and so each story they write is a part of their overall journey.

So, my question is this … how involved do you get with the blogs you follow, do you know their overall story or just treat each post as a standalone story and basically reading material – or do you know where the writer is coming from and hold on board a lot of information personally about that blogger?

Let me know below – thanks.

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  1. I’ll say this, there’s not enough time in my life for me to know my followers blogs like I wish too! I first visit the blogs of those who comment on my posts! Because I have many followers, this is a simple way of bringing their name to my focus! Now, keeping up with blog posts takes a great deal of time. I legitimately strive for a double digit monthly view number, and I want posts of good quality. This limits my time for reading. I do read though, and it’s an area I’ll keep working on because I dearly appreciate my followers. I want them to believe that.

  2. Like Nova, I visit the blog of anyone who comments on my posts, even if I just “like” their comment without commenting back. Otherwise, I think I basically treat each post as standalone. I have to because some of the people I follow I don’t necessarily want to know more about or be friends with but find a specific post to be interesting. However, even treating each post individually, if you read enough posts by the same person,you can’t help but get to know more about them and their journey/overall story.

    My perspective may be because I didn’t come to WordPress to make friends, join a community, or build a readership. I first created my account to be able to read and comment on blogs written by IRL friends or friends from other sites. I was surprised when, eventually, I had the urge to write my own posts, however sporadically that urge strikes me. TBH, I’m surprised that I have a following at all and that new people follow me!

      1. Hi, Rory! Yes, I saw that & replied that I’ve been following SPJ for quite some time. She’s become a dear friend. (WordPress really must come up with a better system for having a convo like this one. I think you made your first comment a good week before I saw it. This one I saw only because I went into one of the dashboards. It might be an old one; it’s the one that has a very detailed menu & black background. Sorry I haven’t been answering you more timely. Definitely NOT ignoring you!)

        1. Panic not Magnolia – one of the problems we are all currently experiencing with WP is that a lot of our comments are vanishing or ending up in strange places in our blogs 🙂

  3. My goal is always to follow the blogger because I love learning about people. However, life can be hectic, so I sometimes get so far behind that I can’t catch up. Over time, though, I still feel like I’m learning about each blogger that I’m following.

  4. I spend a lot of time reading people’s posts, so I’m pretty involved in that sense. Commenting involves spontaneous thought, and I find I have a finite well to draw from, so I’m only commenting on a small proportion of the blogs I read, but I still feel involved in the bloggers’ stories.

  5. When I learned how many bloggers I actually followed it scared the daylights out of me. Meaning, I wish I could reach out and read every one of them every day, but it’s near to impossible.
    I give it my all to keep up with a large number of bloggers that I know work very hard at their craft. I also find that by going along with prompts, I’m enjoying each individual take on a prompt.
    There are also the bloggers that you become so friendly with, you want to keep up with them every single day.
    It’s a vicious cycle, but so worth it.
    One more thing. I tend to leave comments with just about all the bloggers out there because I know that they will know I took my time to read their site and show appreciation for all the hard work that goes into a blog.

  6. I take time to read and comment on posts from those who do the same for me. For those who only drop likes and never comment, I lose interest after a while ~ then I begin doing the same. I don’t keep score, but I have an idea of who is doing what.

    I don’t remember everything a blogger writes ~ in fact, recently I mixed up two peeps’ names! But I try to remember important details, even if I sometimes screw up.

    So, no… I don’t treat each post as a stand-alone. And before I add someone new, I scroll down a bit to make sure they’re not completely offensive. 😀

    1. Absolutely Paula, someone was saying something similiar to me the other day, how they had liked something, not read it, then their name was brought up into the equation and they were mortified they had liked i as it was something they were opposed to!

      I can’t mass like, l try and get to as many bloggers as l can, but my OCD demands me to do it is a routine fashion, so for me it’s methodical and l usually serialise certain things to make it way easier.

      1. My “system” is hit and miss. I have a lot of work to get done, so I check the app feed when I can, and of course try to read at least one post of all who comment on mine, plus specific links. I don’t always get to everyone by day’s end though.

        1. That is the truth, l have a system in place and l try and do exactly the same. i highlight as you know ten bloggers a day in the morning call out. Now the morning call outs are my most prolific and most engaging readers, as they dedicate so much of their free time to me, l am always grateful to them and so l dedicate a lot of time to them also.

          each day l spend two and half hours specifically to those ten in their blogs, l comment, read and like and try to share at least one of their posts every time l visit them.

          But sometimes life steps on board and l find myself behind, but in the space of the given week, l do catch up, usually like now, a Sunday 🙂

  7. I go to my reader every day and catch up on those I Follow. I do not Follow all that Follow me; only those I relate to and those I would like to get to know in real life.

  8. Great question, as always Rory,
    Firstly, for me, I will only follow those blogs that have caught my attention,
    as in “yours” that ask us questions .
    My favourite blogs are rhymes in verse, those are mostly the ones that I am attracted to read these days. I find their rhythm urges me to continue reading.
    I am mindful of my time and only select the blogs that truly resonate with me.
    Thanks for asking.

    1. Hey Victoria, l think that is the way forwards – l know l cannot keep up with everyone that follows me, so l have a system in place that means l really follow the ones l seriously interact with and they do the same with me, it may not be an ideal answer, but if l am only focusing properly on say 100 blogs over the course of one month, it is way more manageable than trying and pretending to set my sights on 200+ per week.

  9. I’m definitely more vested in some blogs over others, but for me, it’s in the intent of the writing. There are quite a few that just blab with no point in end. I do try to revisit blogs that aren’t that well put together to see if the flow of writing has improved. Maybe that’s what the writer meant about skimming over. My personal blog is more informational based so I would assume people may skim through the sections and bullet points to find what they’re looking for. I like to think there are many reading styles just as there are many writing styles.

    1. Hey Emily of course there are – equally as many style of reading as there are writing, as there are for the creation of different genres to genre specific – thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

  10. How involved do I get with the blogs you follow?
    If I don’t find myself at least somewhat involved, I will eventually stop following them.

    Do I know their overall story or just treat each post as a standalone story and basically reading material? Or do I know where the writer is coming from and hold on board a lot of information personally about that blogger?
    That depends on what the blogger writes and whether or not the blogger is anonymous. Some bloggers are like open books, sharing a lot of personal information and details about their daily trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Others, like me, write flash fiction or political rants, and share little relatively little about themselves.

    All I know is that if the blogger is engaging, informative, intelligent, witty, and creative, I will keep on following their blogs and reading their posts.

    1. Now that is an answer and an answer Fandango, nicely expressed and hard meant – thanks for stopping by and commenting and l totally agree with you.

  11. I try to read their about posts and see where their journey began. But my memory isn’t all that great so it takes me a while to get to know them. But I do read the posts I comment on.

  12. Whenever I discover a new blogger, I skim through the whole blog- the about page, contact page, what do they write. Read a couple of posts, drop comments and likes. If I find that I’d want to read more from the blogger, I follow them. If the blogger happens to reply back to the comments and engage in conversations, that’s when I get to know more about them. I don’t remmember all of what they write, but yeah part of things remain somewhere in the back of my mind. If we interact frequently, things start to settle down in my mind too. But all of this happens only when I have time to invest (I gotta look after my college and studies too.). Like these days, when I’m trying to get back to blogging myself, I’m trying to engage. There are a few bloggers with whom I’ve interacted outside wordpress also, on emails, whatsapp and instagram. I don’t know a lot about their personal lives, but we have developed a different kind of bond.

  13. Just to add another thought here Rory,

    I began writing my blog for myself as a daily journal, then as time went on, I realised there was a huge community of like minded bloggers.When i started to read others ‘comments’ I was hooked. 😀
    From there, I usually try to visit those who I feel, I have a definite vibe with.

    i check out my favourite blogs most mornings and take the time to read each one slowly and carefully.

    If someone likes or comments on my own blog, I will follow them, in knowing, that we have
    a true connection.
    Just Saying 😀

    1. Hey Victoria, l think that is very true – we cannot follow and become intimate with every single blog out there – l don’t think it is only me that has a very deliberate system in place of favourites and interactives. But getting to know blogs takes time, as much as the bloggers themselves invest in their creations, the readers are exactly the same in their own profile building.

  14. I think that blogging is just like real life: we will find people that we have things in common with or that we admire and we’ll naturally become more involved with their blogs than with others :O) x

    1. Yes we do, WPery is like RL friendship, albeit virtual friendship, but the bonds of establishment are further natured to create friendships 🙂

      This was my take on it also, when l initially read the original post that made me create this post 🙂

  15. Excellent question, Rory! It’s one I recently thought about quite a bit. I have been blogging for a little over a year. One of the things that surprised me about blogging at first was how very social it is. I am a social person, so I liked that part of it. I have found myself lately just skimming posts in order to leave a superficial comment and I don’t like the habit I have developed. I have resolved to read each post thoroughly and really think about my comments more – quality over quantity. My comments may not always be long, but I want them to be well-thought out.

    1. Hey Laurie,

      I can’t skim posts, and l have a natural aversion to liking for the sake of it, but l am always trying to think of ways to get to achieve balance with my readership.

      I am a prolifc writer, poster and reader, but l HAD to work out a way to get to the blogs that l really wanted and needed to on a regular basis.

      Which is why l had to be realistic and realise that Rome took way longer than a day to build – it took time, and it took 700 years to be what we see as ruins now.

      They achieved Rome and its magnificence by building it in layers, and so l adopted that strategy into my own blog, and since l have done so, l don’t feel as guilty as l used to.

      Now l have my most engaging and interactive bloggers attended to every week and four times a month, as in l visit them more frequently and regular – but l am realistic – l dedicate time to those who dedicate time to me, and l build up a solid based community and then a friendship.

      I add perhaps 4 – 5 new interactives every month and slowly over time incorporate those into my heavy engagers profile, and in addition to that l am very conscious of the blogs that follow me, read occasionally as l do them and they are on my favourites list.

      By and with the call outs and so on, l can interact more directly with my readership, and even if l cannot get to them daily, they should know they are always somewhere in my agenda of things to do, so by calling out to my friends l am further encouraging interaction from my readerships.

      I introduce new features and games to try and offer and gift out a diversity that appeals to more of the readership – but always remember the layers philosophy and that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

      Hope you are keeping well 🙂

      1. I am keeping well, Rory! You have such a good plan for your interaction. It makes me feel so haphazard about my contacts. I really enjoy corresponding with the bloggers I have met, but it is so time-consuming! I feel like I could do nothing but write blog posts and interact with commenters all day. Then I would have nothing left to write about, since I write mostly about running and the thoughts that pop into my brain while I am running.

        It’s a good problem to have. I suppose no one could be paying any attention to me, then I would worry about that too! 🙂

  16. The first part of your post sounds very similar to something I said in my recent Liebster Award post (which I know you read because I nominated you) in reply to one of Laura’s questions which was – Do you find it difficult to open up about yourself on your blog?

    In the context of that question, I said:

    “For those who find it difficult to share themselves openly, here’s something I’ve learned along the blogging way which might help:

    Most people won’t read all of your posts no matter how much they may love your blog, the ones who do will only hear a portion of what you’ve said, they’ll forget most of it… what they don’t forget is the parts they relate to, which means something to them, which answers a question they have, which helped them solve their own puzzles, inspires them in some manner, which they absorb into the tapestry of themselves.”

    In other words, I was saying – share what you want to share in your posts, be as open as you would like to be in your posts, and don’t worry so much about others reading it because they’ll read what they read and will hear what they hear.

    If you did get the first bit from my post… you kind of proved my point 😉

    1. I think you may well be right Ursula, l remember it sticking in my mind as a thoroughly interesting point – please forgive me for not acrediting you with it.

      I did read all of your post, but along my travels of reading other posts and articles on this subject, have become confused, so again my apology.

      1. Thank you, Rory, but that wasn’t necessary. That wasn’t my point.

        My point was that we read posts and what sticks with us is what sticks with us because it means something to us personally in some way. We don’t always recall who wrote it, where we read it, what they actually said, what they meant… we forget the details but recall what means something to us and what that inspires for us.

        You read something somewhere and it meant something to you and you wrote a post about it from your perspective of what you read and how you interpreted it – this is a part of what blogging is about. 🙂

        1. It was necessary Ursula, because of a discussion we have had in the past about people using your words and not acrediting you for it, so l needed to rectify that as soon as possible as l feel the same way about it.

          Your posts do stick in my mind, as do many of your words, which is why l am confused why l didn’t automatically remember it was you. But if l didn’t correct it l would feel guilty and a hypocrit which l am neither.

          Your answer to Laura, was inspiring and because of how l feel in addition to this l went hunting for examples to support the postal question. Yes that is the very beauty of blogging, that we learn by the experience – we take something away from something that has been written. This was of particular interest to me, because of discussions you and l have had on another subject.

          So, my genuine thanks Ursula 🙂

  17. I love the blogs that I follow and read!! I may not read every single post each blogger puts out, but the ones that interest me, I do. And I try to comment when I can relate, but not always. Sometimes I just really like to get to know the blogger. Yours is my favorite to read each day, you have such a wonderful range of topics and a great sense of humor that gets me every day.

    1. Hey Cathy, first thank you, l am gladdened that my blog makes your day, your comment made mine 🙂

      I agree, that slowly over time we each get to know a blogger, their style through their writing, their posts and their commentary.

      We all seek a resonation, or a relatability to content that writers publish – we each seek something from our virtual community that we seek from the real world but are not always able to feed. here we have thousands of conversations supplied daily and all are within reach of a few keystrokes, some fancy mousework and our need to be fascinated, humoured and awed.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  18. Honestly, for most of the blogs I follow, I “know” the blogger well enough and follow along their content journey. Some I don’t know anything about and only liked one or two posts on their blog. I am just starting to get involved in the community, but I try not to treat other people’s writing like they’re just a current read.

  19. I like to get to know about the bloggers I follow but I struggle, being blind.mmsometimes I may read a poem or something and really LOVE it, but not feel able to put into words what I feel, and often that may be the only visit that I ever pay to that Blog. I find it really hard to go through peopke’s Bligs to find out about because I can only read anluttle at a time. But ideal,y, I would want to get to know ablut them, and to read thejr story. I do have a small number of Bloggers whose Bligs I followm whose stories I know, and I do get very involved with them. But whatever, as much as possible, I try to be kind and encoragingbto wach blogger, and to communicate neaningfulky with them. Whether I acieve this or not I don’t know. But there it is! Thanks for the question Rory.

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