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Only Ours

Only Our Footprints in Our Wake!

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We live in a world that is seemingly hell bent on destroying itself –

Mankind is Allowing:

Stupidity and greed to destroy us
The plastifcation of our oceans
Our Flora & Fauna species to be hunted into extinction
Chemicals to poison and pollute us
Over-farming and the killing off of our pollinators
Deforestation and failing to encourage more sustainability
Technology to introduce the presence of artificial intelligence!
Poorly structured governments to take seats of power.
Manmade and preventable disasters to occur.

Nothing is sacred anymore and sadly … none of us are really safe anymore!

I know people as l am sure some of you – the reader – do too – who firmly believe that what l write here is paramount to ‘bullshit’, that none of it is true and that the world is managed by conspiracy theories – that our planet – Earth is slowly destroying herself and that is the natural course, that we its humanity have nothing to do with its destruction. I don’t deny the eventual potential of global catastrophes and problems and issues that we have no way of knowing let alone predicting – actually occurring.

What l have witnessed and observed as l have aged and as such matured is that there seems to be an increasing apathy from society to actually actively motivate itself into take continued action. Always relying on ‘someone else or some other body of people’ to take the initiative and thinking on tackling these issues.

People do ‘acknowldge’ish’ with some reticence that there are certainly problems afoot – they are more concerned about simply carrying on as per normal, and pretending to be ostriches with their heads firmly in the sand. Conservation issues are fast becoming known as elephants as many people simply nod their heads, but hurriedly hide things under rugs and carpets and push to the corner of the room!

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I like to say to people, and remind them, that they are ‘Never too small to make a difference’ and if you want proof, then think about the ‘Mosquito!’ However small that is, and yet the absolute power it can hold a single persons’ attention for.

Some answer me back with, ‘Sure, but what’s the point of doing anything, it will not make the slightest bit of difference?’ And when l hear this, l sometimes find myself contemplating the Butterfly Effect’ in so far as – if l travelled back in time and stepped on a butterfly what significant changes would that dramatically mean for my time and my world today? Would l step back into ‘Planet of The apes’ or would it be something far worse?

Who knows?

It’s not just getting the people’s vote on something; it is maintaining and sustaining their cooperation each and every day afterwards that is the hardest challenge. We live in a world that idealizes reality television that is captivated by disposable everything and that no longer is really that concerned about anything for longer than the memory of a goldfish! So it is as much as a battle to motivate the reluctance as it is to tackle some of the global issues that face us. Of course it’s an age old as a problem, what people can’t see, they don’t have to believe in!

Personally l believe we have a responsibility of care to look out for the planet we live on in the same way as we look after our children, our loved ones, our pets – or whichever you hold dear to you. Planet Earth should be up there in your top 5 loved ones!

We see enough motivational memes all day, every day about we have one mind, one body and we should look after them! Yes l don’t deny that, but equally – we have one planet that we live on – if it’s gone so are we!

My partner and l do what we can; we do passionately believe that we are ‘never too small to make a difference!’ We can all make a difference – we don’t all have to be radical fundamentalists, or fanatics, zealots or crusaders – but we can all do something about it, and can take a handle on our own responsibility. We try to tread as carefully as we can on our planet, and leaving only our own footprints in our wake. If everyone did the same, the impact of that alone would be huge – really huge!

There are many distinct ways that you can lessen your impact – notably electric, transport and diet – but on a more simplified and commercial basis think of the three R’s – “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”

Below are some ideas to help only leave your own footprints behind you …

Send emails rather than paper cards
Let clothing dry naturally
Be ever mindful of your plastic disposal – reuse where possible
Always recycle where you can
Use rechargeable batteries
Save water where you can
Be mindful of electrical appliances

Collect Rainwater to water your plants
Water your garden early morning/late evening to conserve moisture
Make your garden pollinator attractive
If possible grow your own vegetables, fruits, herbs
Reuse kitchen waste with your own organic compost
Don’t use chemicals try to only use natural remedies
Buy and use fruits/vegetables that are in season
Buy local produce where you can
Remember your own bags for shopping

Eat less meat
Defrost frozen food in the fridge
Print on both sides of paper
Buy recycled paper

These are just a few hints, tips, suggestions; there are many out there available to the inquisitive eye.

Remember this always.

“YOU are NEVER too small to make a difference!”

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5 thoughts on “Only Ours

  1. I agree, every person, organisation, corporation etc has a responsibility.
    I drive a hybrid car and my electricity supplier is 100% renewable electricity. I would love to invest in solar panels for the house but need a certainty that we won’t be moving in the near future.

    1. Sorry l meant to write more than a mere smile Karen.

      Way to go on what you are doing.

      Solar panels would be great, but you are quite right, it’s a huge expense if you move. there are a lot of them around here in truth. we would have them, but we rent and our landlord is about as anti planet helpful as anyone l have ever met!

      Everyone can do their bit. i find it ironic that it took Blue planet to shake the UK up on the plight to plastic pollution, l had been harping on about it for so long people thought l was a nutter.

      Well l am, but at least l am not mad 🙂

      1. I think landlords generally just want to provide housing at the least cost and highest profit, so not surprising. A friend has solar panels, he said the sun last week paid his electricity for the whole month!

        1. I agree.

          We have friends around here saying the same.

          I think our ideal house would be so cost efficient we may never have to pay for anything again, but then our ideal house would probably be off grid. Which might be difficult for my blogging lol!

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