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False Promises Vrs. Eastern Promise!

I have made a decision today, in fact the reason l made this decision is because of something that Emily Mae Hood of New York Family Adventures said in her response to yesterday’s Dear Blog episode.

“I’m a firm believer in Eastern medicine. Find a good Qi Gong teacher to help you strengthen and heal! Your body is already a miracle. It’s amazing what we are already capable of if we learn how to tap into it.”

I am usually pretty fit, physically, yet this injury plays havoc with me. I have done a lot of stuff over the years that has always been adventurous and at times dangerous and being of a clumsy disposition naturally, l have many a time injured myself, but after a small downtime l have gotten back up and got back into the affray.

There is a lot of weight of course to the fact that as we age, our body slows down, and healing time can take longer. There is also the credo of ‘If you burn the candle at both ends for too long, eventually you’ll just burn up!”

But of course Emily is right about something and the ramifications of what she says has much further reaching implications than merely a few words in a sentence!

Our bodies are indeed absolutely marvelous bits of kit. If you think on it, it’s a bit like what many assume is corny, but treat your body like a shrine, look after it and it will look after you. We only have to look at top athletes to see what they can achieve as they push their bodies to the absolute limits in terms of physical and mental endurance.

If we abuse our bodies by just living life then of course we weaken the very integrity of our bodies structure. Some abuse is beyond our control, it’s called living in the natural environment – all the bumps, scrapes, stresses and strains we have to put up with can of course leave more than a few trace elements in our system.

We have our own levels of inner strength, our very core of being – sometimes known as the essence of our life.


Now because of the way l was brought up and under the abuse of both parents, but in particular one parent and her form of abuse which was my Mother, and until l was in my late teens, she was dragging me in and out of hospitals from the young age of around 5 and what she subjected me to only indirectly has a link to Aspergers. she would maintain that her child was broken, that he was odd and that he needed fixing.

But she suffered and still suffers from what was finally diagnosed in the UK in 1979 as Munchausens syndrome and she subjected her son to Munchausen by proxy – which was a comorbid disorder with her own bipolar. Now MBP in its basic form is convincing others [medical professionals] that a person in their charge is ill or has an injury. They do this to garner attention to themselves. Munchausen is now more formerly known as Factitious disorder or fabricated or induced illness. It is very different to hypochondria which is basically someone thinking they are always ill – but my Mother had this also.

My Father didn’t pay enough attention to my Mother and so in order to get attention to her many at times ficticious aches and pains then took out her frustrations on her son. This meant that from 5 – around 15 l was poked and prodded, examined and operated on by doctors.

Back in the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s the medical profession did not argue the toss with the official and authorised caregiver/parent. In other words if your parents said you were ill – then you were ill! It was never questioned like it is now. Back then they examined, prodded, poked and subjected the sufferer to all sorts first before they decided to investigate further.

I remember when younger telling a doctor that there was nothing wrong with me, and that l thought my mother was the iller one, and the doctor said “You are ten, what would you know?” That wouldn’t ride these days, doctors can’t say shit like that anymore”

What her treatment of me resulted in as l became an adult, was both a mixed fear and disdain for the medical profession. So what this meant was that l would have to be really seriously ill before l went to see a doctor, you know one of my legs hanging off and held by a bloodied thread sort of thing. Any smaller injuries l dealt with by myself or just bascally ignored it until it healed. Or as in some cases, l was carted away by an ambulance because apparently the case was too severe to handle with a plaster.

I used to get told off by my doctors all the time, that l was to stop playing the hero and as that l paid into the system l should use it, l should benefit from it. Well, thanks Mum for everything! But what this does mean also is that over the years l have built up quite a stamina with my body, l can stand more pain than most people.  As an ex self harmer, a cutter, l am able to stand cuts that might need stitches and more surface pain than most and l let these heal naturally also – anything other than … going to see conventional healers!


In 1997, l started to get really ill, l was 34 and l had started to bleed a lot during toilet uses, real nasty dark blood. I ignored that for around a year because upon explaining this to my wife, she said it was nothing to worry about and so l believed her, maybe l was making a mountain out of a mole hill? However in 1998, l started to go to the doctors about heavy blood loss, as l was starting to become anemic and lose weight, noticeably.

This started an 18 year path of false promises by the medical profession. You know lets be honest we WANT to believe in our modern practitioners, however from 1998 – 2008 l have received misdiagnosis’s of IBS, AIBS, Crohns, Diverticulitis, stomach cancer, bowel cancer, intestinal cancer and the list went on and on. I never had a pile, but in 2008, they cut out a dozen polyps from my upper bowel intestine. According to the doctor at the time they had been present since 1998 and just went unnoticed  – which is a bitch because l continued to lose blood for ten years before that mishap was discovered!. I went through it all time wise and when it was all added together l had received 12 months total of investigations, examinations, surgical proceedures, blood tests, dietary changes and so on from 98 – 08.

When the surgery occured in 2008, l experienced one full year of peace where l didn’t know any pain, or l wasn’t walking around with cavity bloat or walking in a stooped position or sitting screaming on the toilet! One year. Then it all started again in 2009 and it was like that to 2013 when Suze and l first got together, and then l had her helping me get through it. In 2016 so only a few years ago now we paid nearly £5000 to be told by a surgeon that l had something  but and l quote ‘it was unremarkable’.

£5000 to be told it was unremarkable but there was something there, and at that time that was private health care’s best response! It was at that point that l gave up on conventional medicine and sought out ‘alternative medicine’. In August 2016 l paid £53.00 to a Vega tester and l received the diagnosis of ‘Chronic Candida Yeast Overgrowth of the stomach‘. There it was, the final diagnosis and it turned out to be the actual diagnosis! It had taken me 18 years of absolute agony and £5053 to get an official diagnosis from an alternative medical source.

You see doctors over here refuse to acknowledge it unless you have aids! If you don’t have aids you can’t have Candida , and they will not test you for it. When l brought this up with my own doctors and my medical file, it had been mentioned as a problem as far back as 2004. But because it wasn’t a ‘thing’ doctors tested you for,they refused to acknowledge it!

Back then in 2004 it had just been Candida Overgrowth, but because it had been left to worsen and go untreated, l in 2016 had Chronic Candida Yeast Overgrowth, the most serious cases you could have.

What did it really mean in layman terms? It meant my diet was wrong. I have never been overweight and never eaten stupidly, but l had several allergies. The Vega testing had successfully identified what l REALLY shouldn’t be eating. So in 2016, my lifestyle saw a massive overhaul – and since then, apart from a few flare ups and usually my own fault because l eat from a very bland diet now, l am allergic to so many things – if l eat certain foods not on my diet l can become really ill very quickly – so l don’t do it now. Thank goodness however that there are many different choices on the market food wise these days.


Now why have l bored you silly with this story? Well it’s because after that fiasco l declared if l ever had a serious problem with the medical industry again, l would switch to alternative without a second thought or a moment’s hesitation. I am now back at that impasse in my life – this shoulder injury has l think exhausted the conventional side to things and the next step l have through conventional is keyhole and l really don’t want that – so with Emily’s comment yesterday of seeking out Eastern medicine, l do believe she is right.

Over the years l have received quicker results with alternative and Eastern promises, and l think l need to do that again. However in this country that costs money, so l will have to await the inheritance coming through hopefully sooner than later and start walking that path, so thanks Emily for reminding me.

I can’t keep having this level of pain or constantly swallowing tablets, things need to change.

Dear Blog ……

8 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 15.15 – 08/04/19

  1. Your experience with medical professionals is indeed a sorry one. Hope the alternative medicine can provide you with a better answer.

        1. Hey Gary l know, but we get to the point where it becomes more expensive to not do anything – sure l can type and it canes me bad enough alone because l am always looking down at the keyboard, but as to anything else, l haven’t got any other movement or manoeuvrability so l am missing out on so much.

          I can’t walk for long distances anymore, because then the sheer weight of my arm coming down from my shoulder causes me problems.

          So whilst sure, l don’t want to spend out thousands, l am sadly between a rock and a hard place l await the NHS and the terrible slowness it has or l fork out on something different and pray it holds results.

          I don’t know anymore, what to do.

      1. Definitely! Personally, traditional treatments and pharmaceuticals have seemed to backfire for me and I ended up at the point where the side effects were actually life threatening. I feel I wouldn’t be alive today if I hadn’t taken the initiative to take myself off of all prescription medication and do my own thing! I have found my body seems to recover better with a more natural approach to healing. Since you had such success where the Candida diagnoses is concerned, I would suspect that may be the case with your body as well. 💞

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