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The NOT so sudden realisation!

I have been optimistic, but there is something stronger than optimism – it is known as reality! So now l am again being realistic. In September of last year a steroid injection failed to achieve results as my body rejected the approach. I was doubtful about anything further on that level, but the optimist in me wanted to believe  … l couldn’t be anymore of an optimist, however l am now firmly of the belief that the over optimist is actually the fool.

Therefore the conclusion is YES l knew alternative methods had to be approached – apparently, but l KNEW deep down there was a strong possibility of further rejection.

The surgeon said if l didn’t feel immediate relief in the first ten days, and his words resonate with me, because the physiotherapsit said back in September that if l didn’t feel immediate relief in the first ten days then the result is no different to all these months later.

If you fail to feel any significant and immediate relief in the first ten days then ultimately your body has rejected that approach and we will have to look at other repair options.

Right, so today is the 15th day dince the proceedure, and what have l felt? Well, l had a small bit of movement that l didn’t have prior to the proceedure. The surgeon gave me a small exercise and to perform it within five days of the proceedure. All it was – was to elevate the arm in three different locations. I did so and each one was painful, sure l had that same movement, but l have never NOT had that movement l was simply advised to NOT move my arm there!

So technically all l was performing was the exercise l was instructed to trial. However from the day after that small exercise, that test, my pain increased and increased and here we are on day 15 and l am in agony again. More than before and now the Tramadols are not even touching the side! Tomorrow l must ring the surgery and speak to my doctor and request a higher dosage.

In the repair side of things it was twin layered, immediate relief stage one was 10 days in, failing that stage two was 21 days in. So maybe l am being a pessimist and perhaps in the next 6-7 days l am going to miraculously improve?

Who knows?

But my next appointment with the surgeon is six weeks from the proceedure! Shitty bang bang that’s going to be another long six weeks l feel!

I don’t, but sometimes what l do know is that optimism should not be confused with foolishness! All l have the feeling of now is that l am such a fool, just in three times the pain level l was in before the injective surgery!

Dear Blog ……

13 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 18.55 – 07/04/19

  1. Oh, that’s too bad. I had hoped that these injections would bring relief to you. So sorry that they didn’t work as they were supposed to.

  2. So sorry to hear that, Rory. Ergggg… That must be so frustrating for you. Trying to go on with your life when pain is involve is so hard. Hopefully the next injections will bring a stress reduction and some relief. Fingers crossed.

    1. Not as easy as that Lady D sadly. These 3 injections cost me £1000, so thatis £1000 worth of failure. Needles are not the way to go. The next step is keyhole surgery, and there is no way on the planet l am paying for that as the operation is roughly £12000. The biggest problem is that the keyhole surgery might be two years away under the current NHS system. If they do stupidly try another three injections, the wait time on that is either we spend another £1000 on buying them or wait 9 months for the injections. I really am so very unhappy about all of this now, it has gone past me trying to see the funny side or the positive from the negative.

      1. Oh my, what an awful situation. I didn’t know that. The medical waiting list is not much better here. You obviously can’t go on with this much pain and can’t wait 9 months for the injections nor 2 years for the keyhole surgery. Do they expect you to be on pain killer this all time? I have no idea how you still can find the energy to write for your blog in this situation. Really hope that a solution will come your way. Sending you a huge hug.

        1. The NHS used to be a much better system, even as little as five years ago, the NHS was a healthier organisation than it is today. But too much strain has been placed upon it by an ever increasing and growing populace – it became weaker and then started to break, now we are dealing with a broken National Health Service and this means we have much longer wait times.

          Would they expect me to wait that length of time? Yes, because there is no other conventional choice options

          Would they expect me to be on pain killers all that time? Well that is the ultimate question, l don’t know – but l have no true desire to be on medication for that extension of time, having been swilling down tablets now on a routine basis since June of last year – from a man who used to hate taking tablets for a headache and as such having no quanty of any chemical enter my body, l have now been reduced to almost a junkie and ever reliant upon my next hit.

          I think when l get some money released from dad’s estate this year, l am going to shove conventional medicine out of the way and seek alternative answers.

  3. Yikes. Sounds like torture. I always feel like doctors put you through the ringer to fulfill some political appeasement, but maybe that’s just my Americanized viewpoint. We don’t have the best health care system in place right now. I’m a firm believer in Eastern medicine. Find a good Qi Gong teacher to help you strengthen and heal! Your body is already a miracle. It’s amazing what we are already capable of if we learn how to tap into it.

  4. So sorry this has been another disappointment, Rory. I do hope so much that it will all be resolved for you soon and continue to hold you in my HEART, wishing you well. 💞

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