Carolina Larkspur Botanical Print

What a beautiful image and it’s in ‘public domain’.

6 thoughts on “Carolina Larkspur Botanical Print

  1. Beautiful find from Lisa. Very kind of you Rory to share her work with your followers. As you know she has a special place in my hearth.

    1. Goodness, she has a special place in your hearth? Is that below the mantelplace?

      I like fireplaces too, they are so nice, we could fill them with the flowers on this image, dried ones are nice as well … of course your probably meant heart 🙂

      What was that noise? Is that the sound of a vase being flung at my sarcasm …. ha ha 🙂

      1. Ha ha… I like your sarcasm. No worries. No vase being flung at you. I like my China too much. 🙂 Have a lovely week Rory.

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