QQ: Who do you think .. ?



QQ: Who do you think your ideal reader is?

Or alternatively, do you not think there is an ideal reader for your blog? Furthermore is it something that you give thought to?

I suppose in many respects this is reflective to your overall outlook – l mean last week l asked about what you thought your genre was for your blog? We received a mixed bag of  different answers from this to that, to l don’t think about that.

But when you created your blog, what were you hoping to achieve from your readership?

You don’t have to specifically be a marketeer to want to think about these things, and we go back further to a question of last year, of who you write for?

Now of course we all prinicpally write for ourselves, but we could technically achieve that with a private diary or a journal, we don’t necessarily have to have a public domain blog. It’s not a sin to say and admit to the fact that you write for an audience, you write for your readership – so you will focus on what your readers focus on the most and produce more of it.

If you are an author, then you need to have a strategy in place short or long term  makes no true difference, but one you will have to have to determine what your ‘reading audience’ is after. Because you need a readership to your blog if you want to achieve sales for a published book. Because readers and buyers alike tend to buy from those that they feel a certain amount of relatability or feel a resonation with,  or just that they trust your product and they believe in your capabilities to produce certain content they enjoy and love to read or wear or whatever. They trust your brand and your reputation.

So if you have readers to your blog and they follow everything you do routinely, then it is fair to say that those readers could potentially become not just more devout in the following of your content, but buyers to published works.

So we go back to our original question … Who do you think your ideal reader is? This question is not just aimed at authors or as said marketeers but to everyone.

Let me know below in the comments section – thanks. Rory

38 thoughts on “QQ: Who do you think .. ?

  1. I am hoping EVERYONE! Someone with a few moments to spare and a bit of informative, uplifting and interesting reading.

  2. I don’t think I have one particular “Ideal” reader. My blog started out as strictly all things “Mental Health” – As my blog and I grew, I branched out to other interest of mine which is, creative writing, and a huge fan of quotes.
    My idea of an “Ideal” reader is someone that takes the time to read, and possibly engage if there is something that they like to comment about or answer a question that I provide.
    Okay, my answer is a long winded one… I agree with Sadje. 😉 😊

  3. My ideal readers are eclectic. They are looking for a variety of topics and styles, rather than a particular niche. And most of all, they must have a sense of humor.

    1. That is an excellent answer Fandango and 100% true, you do appeal to an eclectic audience and yes, we do need a sense of humour! Kidding, no l am not, yes you are no l am not, you are NO l am not!

      No, all seriousness, l love your blog for the humour and the eclectism — ooh that’s a bice word!

  4. Who do you think your ideal reader is?
    Or alternatively, do you not think there is an ideal reader for your blog? Furthermore is it something that you give thought to?

    I don’t know that I have an ‘ideal’ reader. Never did give it much thought, to be honest.

  5. One that keeps coming back even if only occasionally and comments….nice to have conversations with readers.

  6. Everything it started from the desire of sharing the things I love: be happy, traveling, and cooking. I just want to share a little bit of happiness and positivity and I hope to reach people looking for it.

  7. I think my ideal reader is me! 😂 That sounds a little egotistical but… I write what I would want to read – writing tips, French history, books, author interviews.

    1. I think that is the right answer Kim – we naturally post what we ourselves like to read. If we don’t like to read Sci-fi as an example, we will not be visiting many sci-fi specific sites and we will not be writing it, so therefore we shouldn’t be surprised if we don’t have a big sci-fi following 🙂

  8. I have never really thought about anyone actually reading what I write – and very few do.

    I suppose my ‘ideal’ reader might be someone so emotionally overcome by my words that they cannot suppress the irrational desire to sleep with me.

    There is no such person.

    So I wait around for any reader who says, “that was …. well, sort of, nice”.

    Which, coincidentally, is about the best report I’ve had from anyone who’s slept with me.

  9. I’ve never really thought about this Roy, but it’s very interesting. I started the blog I write to simply prove to myself that I could. You know when a person gets kicked in the teeth repeatedly then they inadvertently allow incessant criticism to chip away their self belief. So that’s why I started my blog and I guess the more people that read my stuff the more confidence I gain from it.

    1. Never a truer word spoken or written John, that’s the beauty of WP and more so it’s community of like minded readers and writers we enthuse and motivate each other as much as we enthuzse and motivate ourselves because of both us and them 🙂

  10. It’s not something I’ve given any thought to, but I guess my ideal reader would be anyone who’s interested in the things I write about.

  11. I think my ideal reader would be anyone who wishes to grow as a blogger and/or writer. It would also be someone who wishes to improve himself and learn how to be productive.
    Sheesh! This is something I haven’t thought about in a while.
    Thanks for giving me something deep to think about!

  12. An ideal reader would be one who’d engage. When I started my blog I wanted to remain anonymous, but I don’t remember what made me give out my name. I feel at home at Randomness Inked, it’s a place where I can be myself.
    I write for myself. I think that if there’s something that I can read, others would want to read it too.

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