QQ: How often do you introduce … ?



QQ: How often do you introduce new content to your blog?


How often do you add new features to your blog?

Be this new series, prompts, games, stary starters and so on?

1] Once a week

2] Once a month

3] As an when

4] Never

5] Not as of yet, but thinking about it.


Let me know below – many thanks

43 thoughts on “QQ: How often do you introduce … ?

  1. Never would be my answer. Not very enterprising like you Rory. The idea hadn’t crossed my mind.

  2. So far , I’ve never added new features to me blog, unless you mean new categories. Unlike you and several others, I haven’t ever added prompts etc. for others to use.

  3. All hail King Rory for new series, prompts, games, story starters, etc.! I have a some long-running series, and one recently started series, but the majority of my posts are stand-alone.

    1. Okay thanks for feedback Paula, and that answer is exactly what l was looking for actually – the new series in May is looking at that answer specifically – so thank you 🙂

  4. You know me…I change things up as often as the wind blows lol. I have found that I prefer to announce and schedule much more than I did when I first started almost a year ago.

    1. Brilliant answer Teresa and yes you do, you wiggle and shuffle and introduce constantly, and always have variety available which is terrific and yes l also agree to announcing new changes and features as it encourages and motivates the readership to tune in, some things never work, other things become stagnant so freshness is the name of the game – thanks for this answer 🙂

  5. Not often. I started FOWC With Fandango last June, Fandango’s Provocative Question in November, and Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge in February. Otherwise, same ol’ same ol’.

  6. I write posts on impulse usually. But occasionally I have announced there would be a run of posts on one theme coming up. The Bake Off of course. And then I announced in advance I had written a bunch of poetic ditties after my recent loss…and a couple of months ago I did a series of posts about my first few months back in London a year after I was the victim of a serious crime. The reason I announced them was that I knew I was sharing some sad events…I wanted readers to understand why my posts were sadder than my normal light-hearted posts.

  7. I have considered running some games, but honestly wouldn’t know how to start.

  8. Interesting question… I would say I probably fall under #3 “as and when” – I basically really only have 3 solid series. The rest is freelance writing or participating with other bloggers games, prompts, and whatever else there is.
    I would like to have a more engaging series, but I’m not quite sure how to go about it as of yet. I’m always thinking of ways to reinvent if not make some renovations on my blog to keep the reader’s interest. And, possibly inspire and entertain as well. 😉 😊

  9. Uh, only once, and that’s when I took over Share Your World from Cee. Otherwise my blog is about my writing and my life (questions/quizzes, award stuff, mental health stuff, diabetes stuff and ranting and raving ((which includes politics and religion)) ). Since there’s so much diversity just from the content, I’ve never felt motivated to start a contest or such. So maybe the answer is: I don’t know.

  10. I post weekly, fiction mostly, sometimes poetry, occasionally meta and more rarely reviews. Over the last year it’s been probably 80-90% fiction with the rest poetry. I don’t add more features though I’m not quite sure what you mean by features.

    I know some people like to post every day but I’ve found a rhythm that works for me, and when it comes to reading other peoples blogs I’d rather have quality content less frequently than “for the sake of it” daily posts, especially as it gets hard to keep up with reading once you start following more than a few people!

    A series, as you’re proposing, sounds like a nice idea 🙂

    1. Hey thanks for stopping by and writing this response – of course we all have to do what we are comfortable doing and more importantly what works the best for our routines and as you rightly say ‘our routine’, the latter because it is down to us to work and keep it going 🙂

  11. I must admit once in a while I do when I promote local people or a few of my favorite places or businesses

  12. I’m constantly introducing new content lol. I honestly thought that’s what we all were doing here 😂😂

    1. That’s true, you could write a different story everyday for a week, and whilst it is a different story to the previous days, it’s still a story, but if you were only ever known for writing stories then started adding in poetry, or prompts or games or something completely out of the day to day routine, that would be considered a different feature – that’s what l mean Nova 🙂

  13. Wow. This question (after I silently answered ‘never’ in my head) really got me thinking. It never even entered my mind to change things up… I have some more pondering to do on this one. Thanks Rory… It’s always nice (really) to have someone gently push you out of your comfort zone…

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