Dear Blog … 11.49 – 05/04/19


Media, where everyone knows your name! [A Rant]


It used to be Cheers where everyone knew your name, now it is media.

I am tiring of three main bodies of people in recent times and in no particular order , however l have opted for alphabetical – but celebrities, politicians and royals and NO, l don’t mean the television series The Royals, but l do mean our own bloody royals, as in the royal family! You know that is a funny word isn’t it? Royal?

I don’t wish them harm obviously any of them, but l am sick to the back teeth of the coverage that seems to involve them all now. It used to be that my three blocks of people were covered by the news stations and that was it. But with the arrival of social media and their ability to jump on board the bandwagon, none of these three groups ever shuts the fuck up!

I was trying to figure out when my disdain for these three parties had really started, and l couldn’t pinpoint it exactly, but l conceded that it had to be when social media platforms seemingly became available for everyone and everyone and their bloody grandmothers jumped on board to promote themselves!

This morning in the paper l see Prince Harry is openly attacking and in the same breath criticising social media – oh right, that’s fine then eh? You can attack certain points about social media such as it is more addictive that drugs and alcohol, and that the game Fortnite is terrible for the players, because many are younger than 12. But equally, promoting the new Instagram site he and his wife share? In the space of 24 hours earlier this week, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex managed to collect 2 million followers?? But that is not be hypocritical apparently, because whilst it is okay to attack social media, it’s okay to also use it for the benefit of good impact?

Well listen up – every coin has two sides, good and bad, shiny and dull – sorry but l for starters do find that a little bit pompous and hypocritical actually. Sure we all know there is a negative and positive side to not just social media but everything.

I agree that social media is out of control, but is it really? No, seriously really? The public demands are met, they hunger for more online presence and their desires are met. We have mobile phones now that cost as much as newish secondhand small cars? How is that acceptable?

By the end of 2019, the forcasted projection of smartphone/connected users is to hit 71% – that is an astonishing figure? So that is 71% of the global population that is not only online, but wanting to be online – so how do these crusaders think that is going to be curbed?  We could eliminate the Internet of course, but then that also destroys the good side of the coin as well doesn’t it?

Facts are simpler, the good side always needs the bad side to grow and progress whether the truth is liked or not! Bugger l digressed! However, l am just sick to the back teeth of these three bodies of people hogging social media and thinking everyone wants to hear what they have to say – because guess what – most of us don’t … actually!

Good lord don’t even start me on politicians, l have nothing whatsoever to say that is nice about any of them! BUT NONE OF THEM! Should ever be allowed on social media! Celebrities do my head in, l don’t want to see what they are on about all the time every day, who gives a flying fuck??! Not me!



I AM Not a Relic! [Another Rant!]

I am not in a bad mood, but there are days when social media simply does my head in! We supposedly live in this world, where our privacy is important and YET we still have onliners who seemingly don’t believe that all the questions they continue to ask are fucking intrusive!

Yesterday l was looking for a quote for Scrappy’s insurance renewal… she is 16 this year, and so in dog years is considered old and therefore ALL the insurance agencies have doubled and some their charges!? DOUBLED+?? We were paying £49 pcm when she was 15 from More Than, and now that she is heading towards 16, our insurers want £121 pcm, for an extra 12 months of age! So l started the exploratory adventure of finding a new insurer! Fuckitty doodle duck! I wish l had never started!

All l wanted was a quote and yet l had to jump through hoops, over hurdles and run across beds of hot molten lava – l have with every single quoter to 1] create an account and 2] submit not just her details but mine as well including my DOB and residential address and not just my email!? Then in some cases provide my favourite colour and create a unique password?


Listen l just want a bloody quote! Not the recipe for rocket science, just a quote!

With Scrappy turning 16 this year, combined with she is an older dog, we just want a basic coverage, Suze and l have already agreed at her age we just want her to enjoy the life she has left with us. We agreed that we would not subject her to anymore investigations or surgical proceedures and so now unless we can find a basic insurance package for the £50 pcm total, we will not be able to afford to insure her! It’s fucking ridiculous!

Bloody favourite colour indeed, what is wrong with the insurers?

We pet owners have the absolute piss extracted from us, and our pets are insulted by these bastards!



Shouldering on, and on and on and bloody on! [Yep, you guessed it, another one!]

What is it now? Since last Wednesday, just over a week – since the injections – just under ten days now? Yes, just under 10 days and have l noticed any difference?

No, not really, and if anything, l have noticed significantly more pain in the affected areas and now the back of my shoulder to boot. I am desperately trying to be optimistic, really l am .. well l say – it’s not yet 10 days! That’s tomorrow!


Well the new pain, the current pain, and the overall general attitude of me is not vastly improving!

I am unimpressed!

Dear Blog ……

5 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 11.49 – 05/04/19

    1. Well l looked at perhaps 15 insurers yesterday Sadje, and all of them, with Scrappy above 15 displayed the figures that are horrendously over charged! Pet owners have an awful amount of expenditure already with their pets. insuers will not cover 100% of a bil, they will at best cover mabey 65% if you are lucky of the cost.
      It’s a nightmare!

          1. You can keep aside the money you pay to the insurance company now, every month and use it in case medical treatment is required for Scrappy. I think it would cover some of the cost.

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